Monthly report: February


Wow! February is over already!
That was fast o_o.

Life-wise, this month was a rollercoaster!
I got my paid vacations house-sitting my mom’s place and I got to spend lots of time with my pets and playing PS Vita and sleeping in, haha xD I also got some serious issues with my boyfriend discussed and we’re now better than ever :) And I cut my hair quite short! x’3
And, of course, I overbooked myself as usual xD Because of all this, I couldn’t get much done, but I think I got enough done, which is okay.


Project-wise,I’m behind my planned schedule with Spirited Heart 2 and with Hope~ :( I’m finishing up the Human Girl sprite for SH2 and then I ned to move to the Elf Girl; and I finished the extra sprites for Hope~, so I need to start work on the CGs now. I’ll be working primarily on that during March, as they’re my main projects at the moment, with the rest being side on-and-off things.

Vesta and Elysia - DI:PM

I’ve also been working hard on the Dies Irae: Phantatom Elements character art :) Getting a couple done… each month, it seems >>; But I’m almost 1/3 done with the cast! :’D It’s a big cast, haha ^^;

Kako no Koi - Nagi

Besides that, I started work on Kako no Koi, a VN I’m working on-and-off, like with Dies Irae. I’m done with character design, title screen and logo, and with the first sprite! (her expression here is not representative of her personality, btw, I just thought it was a fun combination x’D)
I’ll get done one each week very likely, and then move to CGs. It’ll take some time to get done, but there’s no hurry with that one :)

SoS - first batch of characters lineup

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m sketching redesigns for Scions of Seraph (go check the webcomic here!). I got the first 4 designs the last couple of days (they’re really fast to do), and I’ll be doing some more next week and so on. The characters are quite fun, so I couldn’t reject the commission, haha ^^; I’ll ink and color them properly later on.

Also, I worked fixing some Flight of Twilight stuff and now I’m working on new CGs. I hope I can finish them soon! I’ve scheduled one morning each week for this, in my “side-projects day” (which is basically FoT + Dies Irae day).

And on top ALL of that, I have to get this couple of illustrations I can’t even show around by the middle of the month :’) I just got the corrections for those in today, and I have to submit the revisited versions in by Monday.

Yup, I’ve been and I’m busy x’D
I can’t help it, I love drawing characters so much! ;v; And I’m happy and not stressed (yay for not having deadlines <3), which is great :D

30 seconds poses

Also, I started attending life drawing sessions! I’m meeting with nice fellow illustrators, socializing a bit, and drawing till exhaustion on three-hour sessions one or two evenings a week. It’s been a long time since I drew so much by hand! I’m hoping I’ll improve with this ^__^

Older Kuu - pose #2

During March, my objective is to… well, besides getting done all the stuff I need to get done, to spend Saturdays working on Every Sunrise art, so I can get most of it done in a couple of months :) I’m very excited about this ^_^ I really want to work on older Kuu and Koda! :)

I haven’t been able to even go near my own Caramel Mokaccino because of all this x’D But maybe I’ll find some time in the near future, when my schedule is less cluttered… Probably by the time I’m done with Hope~ ^^;

So… yup, that’s been my month! I’ve also closed my commissions EVERYWHERE AND OF ANY KIND, so I don’t get tempted with any other thing to do (I have a really hard time saying no!), at least not until I’m done with a few of my current projects!

…I’m honestly impressed I’m not dying of stress and panic right now, hahaha x’D I’m having lots of fun! ^^


Take care, and thanks for reading! :)

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