Monthly report: January + Life

I completely forgot to make a report for December last time, sorry about that ^^;;;

January was the month of experimenting and setting my priorities straight. Basically because I wanted to take a little break from work, I decided to take commissions and I experimented a lot on said commissions, which I think helped me improve a lot :) I usually  have limited space to experiment within a project, since I need to keep consistency (though sometimes I do experiment… leading to different results x’D), so being able to work on commissions helped me let loose and I enjoyed it greatly (:
If you haven’t seen my commissions, they’re all in my deviantART gallery while some progress screenshots are on my facebook fanpage as usual (:

There’s a bit of a ramble about all this further down the page, but now let’s take a look at the projects!

Yousei is out. YAY!! :D
I’m so happy you have no idea :D I hope everybody can enjoy the product of our hard work, so please take a look at the demo if you can (and if you can buy the game, even better <3 ).
I’ll do an art ‘post-mortem’ of sorts later on, as usual ;)

I’m slowly working on the Dies Irae characters. I wish they’d take less time to get done, but they do take me a while! The new Kickstarter campaign is waiting for me to finish more characters before launching, so I’ll do my best to get them done in a more timely fashion the next month.

Hope~ stuff has progressed slowly, but I’m now one sketch away from starting actual production of assets, which I’ll start next week if everything goes according to plan (: I have two sprites and a few CGs ready to be turned into working assets in the following weeks, which puts the game closer to being released! (though I honestly have no idea when the estimated release date is set or aimed to be).

I’ve also been slowly but steadily working on Spirited Heart 2, by Winter Wolves :D I was hired to do a bunch of chibis first, but then I was invited to be the lead artist, as the original artist left the project for personal reasons. I’m really thrilled about this, and let me tell you, it’s a lot of work! But I’ve had lots of fun making costumes for the main characters and I can’t wait to finish them and show you guys! :D

Blue Rose, in case you haven’t heard, is on preorder/beta. I worked really hard on that one too and, as I’ve mentioned before, I improved a lot just by working on it. I’m very proud of it and I’m slowly playing it myself too! I recently got a promotion piece done for it, but I haven’t got approval to post it around yet, so you’ll have to wait for that one. The progress screenshots are on my Fb page as usual if you want to take a peek.
And yes, I’ve been having fun making logos, haha x’D I’ve also made a few more for other games that you’ll be seeing when the time comes :)

As for February, I’ll be working hard on Hope~ and on Spirited Heart 2, and also fixing and finishing some Flight of Twilight things that need to get done (I scheduled a few hours for that again). Speaking of side projects, I also scheduled time for Every Sunrise, so I’ll be working on that on my ‘free’ time too, if things go well.
Next week, instead of going on vacations with my mom, I’ll be living at her place by myself looking after the pets x’D  Which in one side is very nice (yay, pets <3) and on the other side not so much (boo, no boyfriend and being far away from everybody ;_;), and I sadly couldn’t afford taking the Artistic Calligraphy course, so I’ll see if I can take it later on instead, when I don’t have financial messes, which should be soon, since I got my Payoneer prepaid MasterCard and I should be able to withdraw my Paypal money now and use it to pay my living expenses instead of just having it for online purchases budget ;v;

And that’s pretty much it! Nothing too exciting, as usual, haha. Oh! By the way, the BL VN I did the characters for should be announced in the near future (I did the logo for it the other day! :D ), though the art production will be put on hold for a while, so keep an eye if you’re interested in it ;)

And now for the life ramble…

Now there was one problem with commissions and realizing I was improving and having so much fun with art… things took me a lot longer than I thought they would! Mainly because I kept getting carried away and experimenting (not the commissioners’ fault, btw) and trying new things, and while the end result was something I was very proud of, I ended up losing money… or not making enough money for the time I spent, which you may know that is not something I can afford living by myself and being such a mess when it comes to organizing freelance work time, so I decided to start charging more for commissions in the future, to reflect the actual work I put on these pieces. I want to keep enjoying doing art and still be able to be independent and buy food and pay the bills ^^;

So there’s that.

I also realized what art and work in general means to me and the place it has in my life.
I’m not a workaholic, haha, far from it! I’m also not the kind of person that would love to spend every waking minute drawing to her heart’s content (though sometimes I wish I had that passion!). Work for me is, well, work. Art is something I deeply enjoy looking at and producing, so being able to work creating art is just a dream come true to me, and I hope I keep being able to do so until I’m no longer able to. But again, I’m not “I want to draw all day!” passionate and I’m not a workaholic, so I don’t want to work (draw for other people) for more time than I need to. that means I still want to have enough time to sleep, to be lazy, to spend time with my boyfriend doing nothing, to go visit my mom on weekends, to read, to play games, etc. I don’t have many financial needs right now (except the fact I still have a hard time meeting the minimal needs I do have) and I don’t have the passion or ambition to justify working more time than I need to and thus eating up time of all the other things I mentioned before. I’m happy about how things are (or should be if I was better at managing things!), and I don’t need anything else for the time being, really (:
So my current goal now is, as usual, kick my lazy behind in shape and get done as much as I need to get done (with minimal money loss due me miscalculating times like with the commissions) and keep having enough time for myself. I’ve realized I can afford to leave one day a week for volunteer side projects I’ve been neglecting too, so I’ll focus on that.
Speaking of neglecting, I was so focused on earning enough money and freaking out bout the money I lost from commissions taking too long that i’ve neglected taking care of my apartment >>; it’s not as clean as I was so proud of some time ago, so I need to catch up with that too!

Well, that’s all from me now!
Remember that if you want to see progress shots of whatever I’m working on (and I’m allowed to show in public, that is) and be a bit of a stalker and learn about my boring freelancer daily life, you may follow me on twitter, or if you just want the progress screenshots, just stick to my facebook page, haha. Links to both are on the sidebar of this blog.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a good month! :)

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