Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Happy New year everybody!
How was 2012 for you? I’ve heard mixed reviews, haha. On one side, the ending was disappointing No end of the world or anything interesting! Pfft! LOL.
Anyway, I’m sure this year, even if it wasn’t what you expected or even planned, was full of new experiences for you that helped you learn new things and grow as a person. maybe you improved and got better at something! Or maybe you went through really crappy stuff that made you stronger.

Now that a new year starts in our calendar it’s time to review the good and the bad, weight them and see how we fared, and look forward and set a destination… even if life may take us to a completely different place in the way!

One year ago I was happy about the year that had just passed, because I worked hard for many projects, improved my art skills, went to the awesome VG diploma course thingie where I met really cool people and helped me manage my time and tasks, picked up writing, and grew a lot as a person. I was also disappointed about money. VERY disappointed. I also had the feeling 2012 would be full of new things, and I wasn’t disappointed in that area!

Now, for the actual goals I set (only 3!) , let’s see how that went…

  • Be financially stable

I did move out, but I didn’t achieve financial stability. I could maintain a minimum amount of income each month with my freelancing, but that didn’t allow me to save money, so I couldn’t get rid of my debt. I even got more indebted because I constantly had to borrow money when my payments didn’t arrive on time. And I was happy freelancing to get a “stable job”, really ^^;

  • Improve more!

No time for studies whatsoever, HOWEVER, I kept using references for pretty much everything, I observed the things around me a lot more, I practiced anatomy more, I looked at more art and ultimately worked so much! I tried improving and applying new knowledge to every piece of work I did, so even when I didn’t manage to make actual studies (I wish I had done it, though) I still improved quite a lot and I’m really happy about it (:

  • Pick up writing CM again, if possible.

I tried, I seriously did, but I was so busy I couldn’t find the time to do it, and when I had free time, I wanted to run away from the computer (and when I didn’t, my boyfriend was playing games, so no quiet writing time ): ).

So what did happen during the year?
(you may scroll down to find the summary if you don’t want to read this long ramble x’D)

I bought a Macbook Pro, which pretty much killed any chance of getting rid of my debt this year =_=;;.  Best purchase ever after the intuos 4 that was stolen 2 years ago. I love it to pieces. <3

I thought I was done with Hope~  but I wasn’t! x’D I actually have more art scheduled for it during January  2013 :)

I got invited by my VG diploma course teacher to be part of Syrenaica and work on our first game: Evilot. I did lots of sprites and backgrounds on and off and it was a really cool experience. We had a Kickstarter and we met our goal and we got a lot of good press and exposure for that, which resulted in really good things for us! (like us having an office in a couple of months and a paycheck <3)  :D We’re now on the internal testing stage to make sure everything’s in order for the release early in 2013! I also finished my VG Diploma course and completely forgot to fetch the diploma ^^;

I painted lots for The Parasol Festival and FINISHED IT! :D Now it’s the writer’s job to finish it ^^ I think I improved a lot on the watercolor department, and that makes me really happy <3

I got a new puppy that my mom rescued from the street: Vriska. She was the loveliest thing and sadly we had to put her down a month later because she got neurological distemper and was suffering a lot. We buried her int he backyard. That was super sad.

We adopted a new rescued  puppy a month afterwards (to make sure the house was clean of disease). Her name is Martina and she’s adorable <3 She’s about one year old now and she’s a destructive hyper thing x’D I missed taking care of a baby creature; it was tiresome but totally worth it ^__^

I also rescued and injured and malnourished Boxer/Mastiff, got her vet care and raised money for her surgeries. I had met some people online that helped and rescued street animals while I was looking to adopt Martina, so I managed to have a support network that helped with her expenses. It was a great experience for me, even when it gave me and my mom lots of troubles and sorrows, but in the end Antonia (that’s how I named her) got adopted after 6 months and she’s very happy and loved and chubby! This was the beginning of me caring about the welfare of animals. I don’t have the means to actually take care of animals at home, but I try to donate some amount to local rescue groups every month.

My boyfriend and I went to lot of strain due apartment hunting and moving out together. He got a great job at the place his sister works at, their parents sold their apartment and bought a smaller one and he was left to look for an apartment to rent and live in. I said “let’s go live together!” and so we did. We live now at a lovely apartment and we’ve been through ups and downs in our relationship. living by ourselves is complicated and stressful, but we’re trying our best! Marriage not in our plans until we can solve our issues, though.

As part of Syrenaica, I got to teach at Syrenaica Academy  (: Tecahing was something I really wanted to do since forever and i was so nervous the very first class! My students were few (only 5-6) but it was challenging nonetheless, having no experience. I think I learned a lot and understood how much work it goes on preparing the class lessons and materials. Hopefully, next year I’ll be more pepared and do better if I get to teach again (:

I finished working in Yousei! :D It0s still on beta testing, but it’s getting closer to release. I had lots of fun with it and I think i also improved lots while working on it (: I have some concerns about some choices I took on some of the CGs, but I’m sure I’ll do better on the next chapter (I’m SO looking forward to work on it already *-*)

I also finished working on Blue Rose! It’s also on beta and I need to find some time to test it, I haven’t even opened the file “Orz. My coloring improved greatly by working on BR, seriously. I miss coloring the characters already! Now I need to get a nice logo done for it and a nice fanart promo piece <3

Because of circumstances, I got around to work on characters for an RPG! Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements is its name and I’ve been working *very* on and off on that. I got a Daily Deviation for my work on them and the game’s logo the other day! :O I still have a lot of them to do and I’m so slow, I need to speed up ^^;

And the last thing, I finished a good amount of sprites for a BL (Boy’s love, BxB) VN in the works I can’t talk about! I need to work on the logo soon (:


This year was a rollercoaster. Seriously. So many things happening so fast, so many hardships, so many great things! Met really cool people, bonded a lot more with my friends, grew even more as a person and  started realizing my priorities in life, while facing unsheltered reality face front.
I think it was good. As in earth-shattering, reality shifting, brick-on-the-head-sudden-awakening good x’D
I’m a lot more confident now. Still humble, but confident, which I think is good (:

To  summarize:

The Good:

  • I have a MacBook Pro. OMG YES. x’D
  • I’m now part of an actual local company as Lead Artist :D
  • I have my Videogame Design and Management Diploma (not really, I need to pick it up >>; )
  • I adopted a rescued puppy twice; rescued, treated and found a home for an injured street dog and donated money to help local animal rescue groups.
  • I moved out!
  • I got to teach! ;v;
  • Skill-wise, I kept improving this year :D
  • Bonded a lot more with my friends and family and got to meet and work with a lot of cool and talented people (:
  • Got better at managing my small household, even when it still takes an effort for me to get up and clean ^^;

The Bad:

  • Vriska (puppy) died after sharing only a month with us ;_;
  • Kept getting indebted instead of paying my debt ._. STUPID DEBT ASDFDA@#∞#!!! >_<
  • I couldn’t go to the States to study  for the last quarter of the year like I planned ): Funny thing: things got in the way instead of it being a money problem 9_9;
  • Couldn’t bring any of my pets with me when I moved, and I miss them greatly ._.
  • Sharing independence is tough. My relationship with my boyfriend has strained greatly ):
  • My time-management skill downgraded as I started spending time alone by myself at the apartment. I’m still struggling to raise it back and be more organized again.
  • No time for personal things again ._.
  • No capability for saving ):
  • I dropped going to therapy and to get health checks in general because of money. UGH.

And I think that’s all. I… think. My memory is awfully frail >_<;;;


Now, plans for 2013!
This is the year I turn 30. Yes, I’m that old “Orz. I’m living the life I thought I’d have by the time I was 25, haha, but hey, maybe I’ll get to live 5 years more than expected! 8D;
In January, I have to get done a bunch of Commissions It took this the last couple of weeks, get Hope~sprites and CGs done, get a new character for Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements done, draw *a lot* of chibis and get some logos done!
And that’s the short-term plans. Yuip. Only that. I’m not over-scheduling myself this time around (:
I’m looking forward to the releases next year of Yousei, The Parasol festival, Blue Rose and, hopefully, Hope~ (no pun intended x’D)

Also, I’ll finally resume work on my volunteer projects during my spare time, which are Flight of Twilight (we need to finally get that chapter one done!), Every Sunrise and Swan’s Melody (both by Sakevisual).

I’m also looking forward to work on the next project with Syrenaica (finally with a monthly paycheck and an office ;v;), the next chapter of Yousei and  a new archaeology otome VN we’re planning with Winter Wolves (: Also to get more of DI:PE done and the CGs for the BL VN :P

For the non-project/work related, I’m looking forward to the Artistic Calligraphy course I’ll be taking in January (or February, it depends), transitioning to vegetarian by getting rid of meat from my meals one day a week every month to become completely vegetarian by the middle of the year ( though I’ll probably be flexitarian and eat meat every now and then ^^; ), and to spend some time at the beach with my mom in February (: We went to the beach a couple of days ago and it was awesome to be away from the city and the city noises, be close to nature and bathe in the sea <3

For the long-term plans… I have no plans. I have no idea what I’ll decide I want to do with my life, only that I want to become stable time-wise, work-wise and money-wise. And of course, be free of debt, dammit!!! >:(

So, goals!

By making more money than the barely minimum I need every month and making a payment plan.

So I can reach to my savings when times are rough, in case of emergencies and to buy things I want (like a Cintiq!)

Time-wise, money-wise, work-wise. And also household-wise and exercise-wise. I need to KEEP a routine, not drop it after a few days due to losing momentum ):

I need to decide by myself where I want my life to head to, which things are a priority in my life and which things aren’t, and also which things I’m willing to sacrifice/let go/put up with. This will be a huge year in that regard, I can tell. No idea where this will lead me to, but I’m sure I’ll grow a lot from it. Also, work hard with my priorities as North! :)

And that’s all!
Hopefully I’ll be able to work harder this year and achieve the goals I set myself. :) I hope that you can work hard and achieve your goals too!

I hope you all have a great New Year! ^^

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