Monthly report: November

Hey guys! :)

It’s been a nice month, this month! I’ve started making my house chores into a routine, and while for a while that made me work less every day, I’m starting to get back on track with work :) (also my apartment is clean everyday <3)
Which mean I’m no longer swamped in work <3 Which is awesome xD

So! What have I been up to?

The Parasol Festival remaining paintings were done this month. I got to paint a couple of event illustrations, some extra GUI elements, A LOT of item icons (there is a item shop/trading game element on TPF) and people to populate some o the backgrounds.
Now my team-mate is working hard on the scripting and coding! He only has so much time to work on TPF after work, so the release will take a while. None the less, I’m looking forward to the beta testing stage! :)

I started with another VN project which I can’t even name yet or show any designs of ;v; So you get a blurred image instead. Yay. The cast is very different from what i usually draw, and it’s been quite a challenge to adapt the original designs into my style, but it’s been fun. It’s a BL game, btw, so if you were wanting to se a BL game with my art in it for any reason, now the chance, hehe. I have the whole cast sketched and I’ll start the actual sprite production today ^__^

I also started work on extra sprites and CGs for Hope~ (: I’m awaiting approval of my rough sketches to start with them.

I finished Jay for Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements and I’ll start with the next character, Allen, very soon (hopefully!).

I caught up with overdue commissions. FINALLY. Some twitter commissions I took back in August to pay for my hosting and the ridiculously overdue Skylines sprites from back in April are getting done (I’m also throwing in some extra free stuff for kaleidofish to make up for being such a horrible commissioned artist “Orz).

Yousei is in beta! Yay! :D I *love* some of the CGs I did for it, I love the sprites and some of the CGs I want to to grab them and redo them completely Dx But I can’t do that ^^;; So I’ll just pay more attention next time :X

In other news, my tablet revived and decided to go back to agonizing, though it still works. A new tablet is on the *must buy soon* list now.
I also bought a new scanner because the old one died painfully (I think from carrying it around in my backpack a couple of times), but I’m happy, because this one is small, slick and is USB powered! It also has a carrier-thingie lock if you want to carry it around, so it shouldn’t suffer like my older one in case I need to transport it.

Also, some Syrenaica news! (the company I’m part of that’s developing Evilot) Matías Castro, our talented composer, had a recording session with the F.A.M.E.’S orchestra for Evilot Background music! I wasn’t able to be there for the live streaming, but I’m told it was wonderful <3 I can’t wait to listen to the tracks!
Also, we wont the chance to be part of Start-up Chile, selected as one of 105 start-up companies out of over 1400 that applied! We’re really happy and proud (:

And that’s all for now! Thanks a lot for reading and for all the support! :D

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