Tonteando con Len y Rin

Tonteando con Len y Rin

I’ve been playing around with Len & Rin , trying to make them speak in Spanish xD


I made them sing too, but since my music skills are close to null… well… yeah. The result was awful xD

Anyway, I have no time right now to make drawings to accompany this, so It’s just the sound for now. I’ll draw something later, though.


Rin & Len talking in Spanish, attempt #2
(no image)(… for now)
“Hello, my name is Kagamine Len and I’m a Vocaloid”
“That means…”
“I’m made for people to make songs using my voice”
“My language is Japanese, that’s why I speak Spanish so badly”
“Though some people find it cute that I speak like this…”
“I think it’s adorable~”
“Hello~~ I’m Kagamine Rin”
“Hey Len~ Why don’t we try to sing something in Spanish?”
“Like what?”
“Alice goes in the carriage – carolin~ (bis)”
“To go see his dad – carolin cacao leo lao~(bis)”

EDIT: here, have a Len xD;
Rin is still in sketch state. lensprite_prev (couldn’t resist >o<;; )

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