Life Update

Life Update

Life is crappy once again.

My granny suffered a vascular accident last saturday, ended up in the public health system, almost died, was transferred to the Intensive care Unit of a private clinic and now she’s slowly recovering.

My aunt got an offer from a guy to buy this house. We’re all very happy, but when she signs the papers, we have 2 days to move out… and we haven’t found a house yet that’s cheap enough (and decent enough) for my mom to buy…. We might end buying an appt. in the end (not good, since we have a medium dog we’re not giving away).

Mom payed WoW for me this month (I ran out of paid time on the 14th) so I could relax from all this chaos, we’ve been anguished and tired since all this started.

Now we’re looking for a house or appt to buy, so we can move my granny there when she comes out from the clinic.

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