Monthly report: October

Well, here I am again, reporting from the land of the swamped-in-work.

Last time I wrote a monthly report was in June, and I said I’d work on Yousei sprites, TPF, Hope~, Blue Rose and the overdue Skyline sprites.
Well, I just finished with Yousei! Hooray! :D

Now, Evilot and teaching took a big chunk off my time. BIG chunk, so everything ended up being delayed forever.
Evilot stuff was actually mostly finished last week! :D It was fun to draw the last things, which were motion comics :P Our animator did a fine job on them and they’re now being musicalized.

I also had (still have some) some problems regarding living on my own with another person. It’s been a lot harder than I thought, a you may have been able to tell if you have been lurking around certain places I frequent ^^; But things are getting better, so that’s good.

Now, it’s catching up with *really* overdue stuff week! :D
I finished the Yousei promo image that opens this post (you can see the full version on devianART), I’m working on coloring the Promo/Cover for Blue Rose as I write this and I’m also working on a character redesign/revamp for a Dies Irae character (I already made a revamp of the main heroine, and I’ll be revamping the rest of the cast on and off).

After that, I’ll work on those ridiculously overdue (so much it’s depressing) Skylines sprites, and then I’ll get to do some other overdue commissions that I requested on twitter some time ago when I was in need to pay my hosting ^^;
Then next week and the one after are The Parasol Festival Weeks! :D And then Hope~ and side commissions weeks (:

I have people scheduled for December already! Though no named projects yet, just people scheduling my time for their projects. I’ll let you know when I get to work on them ^^
I don’t want to schedule stuff for January yet, I may do that on december; I’d rather not get ahead too much, or I’ll have troubles about kicking projects forward due being delayed and stuff X_X

And that’s pretty much it! I’m finally kind of… more relaxed with my work and time, after having a huge pile of stuff to do I’m finally catching up and I even have breathing room for projects, so I’m not panicking anymore, haha.

I’ll be posting more stuff later on! And make sure to stop by my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook page for WIPs and random ramblings, if you feel like it ^^

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