I can finally share this with you, I’m so happy!
(And sorry for cross-posting the hell out of this everywhere x’D)

I’ve been secretly working on this for months now.
I was so excited when I was approached by Syrenaica to be the Lead Artist for their first game! I was a bit scared because it was not something I’m used to do (cute anime stuff xD), and I hit more than a few art-blocks down the road, but it was *really* fun and I feel it helped me a lot as an artist (:

This is what the filming I told you some time ago was for! We only used a bit of it, but there I am, all concentrated at work :D (I was really abducted by what I was doing when they were filming me, I barely paid any attention to the camera, lol. That’s how I look when I’m fully focused! xD)

Well, I can’t show you anything that’s not on the kickstarter video already, so take a look at it, take a look at the rest of the Kickstarter campaign if you can and wish us luck! (of course if you can back our project, that’d be awesome too! <3 )

Oh! I think I can show you something I’m working on for the game that’s still in progress… But don’t tell anybody I did! :P

Now, back to work! ^^

PS: We made it to some online publications! :D
http://www.17bits.cl/2012/08/videojuego-chileno-evilot-llega-a-kickstarter/ (spanish)
http://www.niubie.com/2012/08/conoce-evilot-el-primer-juego-chileno-en-llegar-a-kickstarter/ (spanish)
http://www.borntoplay.es/syrenaica-nos-presentan-su-primer-videojuego-llamado-evilot (spanish)

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