Yousei and other work!

This is the time of the month when I write to say :
“I’m alive! :D Just very busy… well, not *that* busy, just having a hard time managing my time as usual!”.
And post some sneak peeks. Yup. xD

I finished working on the cover for Yousei yesterday :D
You can see some progress shots on my tumblr here and here.

I also finished working on the sprites some time ago (:

That means I’m onto CG work now! :D
This is going to be fun! I don’t know much about the story myself, but iot’s super cool to learn about it while I get the directions for the CGs, hoho~
I’m super excited about it!

I also resumed work on the last batch of The Parasol Festival stuff.
Here is a cropped rough sketch of what I’m working on this week, it’s Lynae’s intro illustration (:

Those are my top priority projects right now.

After that, finish once and for all the Skyline sprites >___<!!! I’m so behind with them it’s not nice ;_;
Then some more sprite work for Hope~ (:

I recently finished work for a local game that has nothing to do with VNs that will be released sometime after this weekend! I’m so excited about it >___<!!! I… can’t show you anything, not even a sneak peek, though ): Evil NDAs.

And then… umm… I’m not sure xD; Blue Rose seems to be halted for the time being, and I may end up working on some more paper doll sprites. And finally pick up some side projects!

And classes. They start next Thursday. I need to prepare the lessons >>; I’ve never taught before, I’m so nervous! But it’s a very small group, so I hope I won’t be too intimidated ^^;

So yeah… that’s life regarding work!

Now, I better go back to work on the stuff I’m behind with! The sooner I finish, the sooner I get paid and the sooner I have money to pay bills! xD

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