I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that ^^
I’ve been idiotically busy with stuff Dx

From working on this local game I can’t talk about yet, the project for my VG course (I passed! yay! :D I need to go fetch my diploma <3), and then TPF, commissioned stuff and of course life! So many things going on @_@

So about my life, if you follow me on twitter you’re probably up to date xD;

I adopted a new puppy a month after Vriska passed away, her name is Martina and she’s adorable and mischievous <3 I’ve had her for a month now ^^ I want to take her with me to the new place I’ll be living in, but I’m told she’ll grow bigger than I expected, so I may have to return her to my mom’s place later >: I’m still taking my cat Serafin with me, though.

Then, last week, I found this really injured boxer on the street that I just couldn’t leave there >>; So I took her to the vet for surgeries and I’m taking care of her at home now until she recovers so I can find her a new home (:  She’s really sweet! Her name is Antonia :P (I get complaints because I name the dogs with people’s names xD; ) She’ got her left eye removed, though, maybe that’ll be a con for people looking to adopt a dog >: Still, it’s been a complicated but very rewarding experience to rescue her and take care of her ^^

On top of that, I’ve been apartment hunting with my boyfriend for about 3 weeks. And it’s been awful Dx We got our hopes up with many apts.  and then a couple of days they’d call us to tell us they rented it already to somebody else or they gave us a lot of grief because my bf’s dad would be renting in our name since we didn’t have enough job antiquity or the 4 x rent income they asked for X_x
But we finally found and apartment! This Saturday our parents will go sign all the papers and we’ll move in by the 15th.
We’re so excited! :D
I can’t wait to furnish that apartment already >w< *loves looking at furniture and stuff xD*
I’ll take and post pictures when we move there C:

And I’ll also be teaching some classes in June and then later on in… August I think? Its for a VG course, i’ll be in charge of the art module, hehe ^^

Project-wise, TPF is almost done art-wise for real this time xD;
I resumed work on and off on Blue Rose coloring and next week I’ll resume Yousei sprite work.
I’m looking forward to moving to the new apt. and have a peaceful corner to work <3
Other than that, I need to finish some *really* overdue commissioned sprites from LSF @_@, find time to get the Swan’s Melody art done (I’m so sorry for not being able to do that yet ;___;) and then find some more time to work on Hope~

Lots of work to do! XD I just need to organize my time better! Lately, with the puppy, the apartment hunt and the rescued dog I’ve had my time reduced dramatically and I lose momentum quickly due unexpected interruptions through the day >_< But I’m sure everything will return to normal in a few day, I just need to focus and work hard! (:

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