Some painting progress pictures~

What the title says~

I’m done with most the higher priority painting for TPF, I need to properly scan them now! Now I’m missing the Logo and the GUI, which still need some work… that and a new Watercolor pad ^^;

I thought I’d show you some progress pictures I took with my camera and the webcam the past days (:

I got the MacBook Pro. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER. <3
I also have a new puppy dog mom rescued the other day. She was sniffing the garbage near the house a week ago and was infested with ticks, hungry and scarred. She got treated and now she’s healthy! Her name is Vriska and she’s a really sweet little thing (:

In other news, the alpha of this other non-VN game I was doing the art for is complete, but we’re waiting some feedback before making an announcement about it.
Now, I need to work some more on TPF and go into turbo working mode for FoT, so we can meet the deadlines >O

Thanks for reading! ^^

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