One more project down!

…so far! I usually get to do extra art later on whenever I’m done with the original art requirements for a project ^^;
But I just finished working on the last scheduled CG for Hope~ :)
It was very fun to work on it! :D The characters were fun to draw, the chibi CGs were *super* fun and the full CGs came out quite pretty!
I hope it sees the light of day in the near future ^__^

I’m now working pretty much fulltime on TPF. I say pretty much because my schedule is a mess and I still have some other stuff to finish ^^; Especially stuff from a game I’m working on with some people over here that actually has a deadline and it’s quite soon X_x (I get paid really well, though (: )

On this second batch of TPF work (last being over a year ago!) I’ve been working on extra characters, an extra BG, promo art and GUI stuff. I’m pretty confident I’ll finish all the higher priority stuff by next week (: And then a couple of weeks more for lower priority stuff.
Then… it’s Flight of Twilight time! Lots of things to fix here and there and to draw and to color before the release of chapter 1!

And that’s pretty much my project schedule for the next month! (:


EDIT: if you want to know more about hope, feel free to visit the website!

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