More Winter stuff~

I’ve been working hard on Winter in Fairbrook stuff the past few days.

I finished that fullscreen CG I mentioned last time (and made it my wallpaper, I really like it <3). It took me about 12 hours @_@  But at least I know how much time something like that would take me in the future, in case anybody asks.

I haven’t touched the Promo Image since alst time, but I’ve been working on the chibi scenes for the extra in game scene! They are so ridiculously fun to do xD I got 4 done today, out of 11 that are the ones that Ayu picked as the ones that *should* be on the game. I’ll try to get them all done during this week! And then the rest of them whenever I have time.

Ahhh! This so close to completion (finally!) I’m really excited! >w<

I’ll post some more sneak peaks as I get more scenes done ;)

On a different note, I’m trying to pick up writing CM again and trying to get Week #1 done once and for all.
Ideally, I’ll finish that, sketch some placeholder art, make a technical demo, ask people for feedback and hope for the best xD;

Now, I need to sketch some characters and then I’ll try to resume writing before going to sleep.

Thanks for reading! ^^


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