I recently got the script for the extra scene in Winter in Fairbrook and it will be done with chibi-fied scenes! xD They’re fun and quick to do, so I can make a lot in the time it’s take me to do one fullscreen CG.

I roughly sketched more than 20 chibi “scenes” to go with the scene and Ayu is now sorting them out to see how many will actually get done. (btw the sketch of this post has been cleaned, the original was super messy ^^; )

Now, there’s a fullscreen CG that goes with the scene as well, but I’ll let you see that one when the game gets released :P I’ll do my best to make it super pretty! I really want it as my wallpaper, haha x3

I’m currently finishing up the new promo image I’m making for when the game gets its release. You can see some progress shots in my Tumblr ^^.

I’m looking forward to finish all this so the game can get released! I want to play it *badly* >o<

Thanks for reading ^^

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