The Parasol Festival report #2

I… should have made a Parasol report before, but it just ended up falling withe rest of the project updates ^^;
Moogs (the writer) said he was pretty jealous I got to talk a lot about the other projects I work on and not about The Parasol Festival.
So here I am writing about it! :D

So, to summarize things up, The Parasol Festival is a short fluffy pretty GxG VN with all the art done in watercolors by Mystery Parfait. Moogs and Rachel are in charge of the story and I’m in charge of the art.
I started working on this one year ago and got the sprites, backrounds and events drawn and painted. All that was left was the UI and some other minor things, but the story team realized they needed more things than what they had originally planned as they kept writing the script, so I scheduled some more time to work on it. My schedule messy as it is, has kept being pushed forward and now the time slot reserved for TPF falls about… at the beginning of 2012 ^^;

But! I recently got a gap on my schedule and I got some early design and sketch work done (I sketch everything digitally first, do color test and then, if everything works, I print it, trace it into watercolor paper and paint it).

Now, I’m here to show you a few thumbnails I got done the other day for the promo image, because I realized we never made one and we needed one ^^;
Moogs asked for an art nouveau theme and I thought I’d better get the layout figured out before tackling the full size sketch (I rarely do that and it’s  kind of a must >>; I should do it more often D:  )

Story team chose #3 with some elements of #1 and they also want #4 sketched out. Hopefully, I’ll manage to get that done in a couple of days from now.

I’m really looking forward to the time when I get to paint this <3 I love art nouveau and I think I’ll make a really good work with it! ^___^
Moogs already said that not me nor Rachel get to claim the original for ourselves, because he wants it for himself >: I can always just… you know… not mail it…? X’D

And that’s pretty much all I can tell you and show you today >: Maybe at some point I’ll nag Moogs to let me post sprite sketches or something to keep you interested with? (:

But hey! I got permission to post 3 of the paintings I did for Parasol on my newly revamped portfolio website, so you may as well check them ;)

Thanks for reading! ^__^


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