Project update – October 2011

Hello again! Last time I wrote a project progress update was 6 months ago, so it’s about time I wrote another one! xD I said this would be shorter than the life recap, but… it’s not >>;


It’s been out for a while already ^^; I wanted to be able to post by the time it was released, but I didn’t manage to >: I had lots of fun working on this one! The sprites were a real improvement over the one on Jisei! I took the comments about the “bright and cute” style to heart and tried to make something more “mature” and not as saturated. It ended up being a bit too yellow, in all, though ^^; The event CGs, I made them so Ayu could animate them a bit, and I think it came out really cool! :D I really liked making those event CGs! And the art for the intro was very fun to do as well, though it deviated from the in-game art a bit~


I finished 3 out of 4 paperdoll sprites I agreed to do for the client as the last batch, after I worked on and off on about 12 characters since early 2010. I made a bunch of chibis of the previous characters I’d made for them to compensate the let down, and we finished our bussiness in good terms. I don’t know what will happen with the game, though… I hope at some point it gets made! I really want to see all those characters in action! :)

The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook

It’s still not out ^^; Ayu has had troubles that have got in the way of finishing the writing for it >: Now… there is something extra planned to make up for the late release. I have no idea of what it is, but I’ll be sure to make a good job at drawing it, whatever it is >3 In the meantime, I’ve been working on a new promo image for it~

The Parasol Festival: Bittersweet Blossom

Still being written~ The past week, I’ve been working on getting designed and cleanly sketched on the computer some extra characters that will show up in the game. Those sketches will be printed, traced, painted, scanned and arranged as regular sprites later on, probably along with extra scenes. I have scheduled to work on all that as soon as I’m done with the coloring job occupying my schedule right now~

Blue Rose

I’ve been coloring the character art for spites and CGs for White Cat Games’ “Blue Rose” for some time. I’m using a more painter-y style and it’s been a really cool work! So relaxing <3~ It’s *a lot* of art to get colored, though! So It’ll take a while before I finish it all ^^; I really like the characters, I’m eager to know what it is exactly that happens to them in the story, as I only get to see glimpses of it through the event CGs *_*

Jisei series – third installment

If you’re following me on tumblr, you’ve probably seen some sneak peaks of this one~ I got to do early work on this thanks to a gap on my schedule, while full-time production is scheduled after The Parasol Festival; it’ll be a while until I get to tackle it again ;__;. I already designed the main cast’s outfits for this chapter and started working on their sprites. I love these guys <3 I’ve noticed I’ve improved alot working on this, by the way o_o I’m enjoying a lot the style I’m using for them <3

Every Sunrise

Ayu already mentioned it, so I guess I can talk about it (: This is the sequel for Ripples, where Kuu and Koda are older… and *gasp* you’ll get to see Koda this time!! :O I already did the character designs and I’m slowly working on Kuu’s sprite right now. It’s low priority, so production will be quite slow.

Hope~ Symphony of tomorrow

I got hired to work for Tatami Visual Arts’ first project! (: I’ve done some character design and I’ll start production as a side project on my schedule in about… a week! And that’s pretty much about it xD; I’m  looking forward to work on it ^^

Flight of Twilight

We’ve been through hard and slow times lately >: I’ve been doing character expressions, some extra sprites and some cleaning/enhancing work. We had a Friends and Family beta for the first chapter and we’re working on improving the things that popped up there.


Oh~ This one is *so* cool!! I did some rough concept sketches for it, and some little rough test sketches… But I don’t think I can talk about it so early, so I’ll just shut up xD It’s a very low priority project right now, though, so it’s on hold until new notice. Still, a project is a project, so it deserves to be here :P

Besides that, I did some mascot design and paper doll sprite work for a website that will open sometime soon <: I’ll be doing more work for them later on ^__^

And in case you’re wondering what’s been going on with Caramel Mokaccino… it’s been hiatused all this time .____. No time whatsoever to write it @_@

So that’s what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be up to for the next 5 months or so xD After that, I have arranged things with other people, but they’re still early plans, so I don’t know where they’ll end up taking me~ Hopefully, they’ll be as fun as what I’ve told you about ^__^

Thanks for reading! :)


PS: Btw, I’m not working on all those projects at once or anything ^^;
I’m currently working on Blue Rose, finishing up some sketches for The Parasol Festival and a couple of sprites for Jisei’s 3rd chapter (and then won’t touch those projects at all for a few months), and in a week or two I’ll start Hope~ as a side project.
FoT always gets a couple of hours a week and, if I have some spare couple of hours any day, I get some work done for something else (:


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