Progress update~

Because I haven’t done one in a long time xD;
Also, I’m like 2 months behind everything. Go me! 8D

Winter in Fairbrook

I finished this one some time ago. I had lots of fun doing the final scenes and some… ‘special’ cut-in scenes, hehe~ I seriously hope you’ll enjoy them when it’s out C:

The Parasol Festival

I finished this one in January, but as the script is still being written, there’s a couple of things I have to add to a couple of sprites and scenes – on a different piece of paper, that is – and it seems I’ll need to do a couple more scenes later. I’m trying to figure out when I’ll be able to schedule that >>;


I’m done with all the sprites for this one! Woot! They’re a real improvement over the old ones, let me tell you. Right now, I’m working on the cover and I’ll do some other extra art before tackling the Event CGs.


This makes me want to cry.
You see, I was working on the last batch of sprites when my computer was stolen, and, of course, I didn’t back them up at the time at all, except from a now corrupted PSD file with some sketches and some WIP previews. So I have to start all over again  from scratch ;_; (That’s why I use SVN now, so it’ll never happen again >_< )
Hopefully, I’ll have them done in a couple of weeks ._.

Flight of Twilight

We’re aiming to finish the demo sometime soon, we’re almost done with the common route and are on good ground to finish the first path soon as well.
Remember once I mentioned we had the itch to go back and redraw stuff? Well, we’re editing the character sprites a bit and redoing their faces; they look WAY better now! :D

Caramel Mokaccino

Oh, yes, I resumed work on this one C: I discovered I really enjoy writing it! I’m all motivated to write it right now, so I won’t ruin that by actually drawing it xD;
Also it’s a good break from drawing for other people -almost- every day; It’s nice to write this during the evening after work ^^
I’m done up to Day3 and m goal is to finish up to Day7 this week or the next. I’m foreseeing the game will be shorter day-wise that I anticipated…  But we’ll see, it’s still early!


So that’s the report. Yay!

My schedule right now is rather messy, especially now that I’ll have classes twice a week in the evening… and I’ll probably have homework. “Orz.
I’ll better go have lunch and work on that schedule to give myself some peace of mind…

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