It’s been a while since I drew the outfits I’ve been wearing.
It was fun last time, so I thought I could do it again… just to draw something simple and fun, you know? Weather is still nice, but it’s getting slightly colder each day… I’ll miss the sun once it starts getting cloudy *loves sunny days*.
I wish I had a camera, so I could take pictures of the actual outfits… but oh, well~

The white headphones are new, and I use them everyday when I’m on my netbook, go grocery shopping or to take a walk, and when I commute to see my boyfriend. I picked white because I thought it’d go with everything I could wear C:
The black bag is where I carry my netbook around. A gift from my boyfriend, I adore it <3 It could use a colorful zipper accessory, though.
I cut my hair to get bangs once again, I missed them >o< (I wore bangs most of my life until a few years ago when my boyfriend complained he didn’t like them )Most of the time I have to iron them to keep them in place, otherwise they curl and go wherever they please >>;

I seriously should get myself dresses, I wear pants pretty much every day ^^; But every time I’ve gone to shop for some, they never look good on me or I just plainly dislike everything >_<
And I need new shoes badly, lol. I want to get colored shoes, I have mostly black and brown shoes D: And the ones I like the most are worn out and old :x
Though the top priority right now is a pair of new bras xD; I lost weight and now it’s rather sad “Orz.


I’m mostly back to being able to draw, and I  no longer hate *everything* I’ve ever done and could possibly do >>; I’m still not comfortable with what I’m able to do now and I don’t know exactly what I want to do either, but I’ll get there. Eventually. I just have to keep on trying, right?

Thanks a lot for all the comments on last post, it was really nice. I don’t talk to many people normally, so it’s nice to hear outside opinions and experiences and be able to feel that I’m not a freak for feeling like this.

Oh… right! I forgot…
I’ve seen a lot of people keeping sketch journals on Tumblr. I made myself an account to follow people (and the FYASO account because is way too funny), and I was wondering if I should use it as a sketch/practice journal instead of posting that kind of things on twitpic and sometimes here like I usually do.
Then I could keep this blog for rants, VN progress, more completed pictures and other stuff. I could also make a sketch dump with the Tumblr stuff every now and then (like what I do with the twitpic and dA things sometimes)

What do you think? Poll is at the right, on the sidebar~ C:

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