Distracted (+ sketch dump)

I’m easily distracted, everybody that knows me knows that >>;
Lately, it’s becoming really annoying, so I’ll just go back to use the Emergent Task Timer, as my self-imposed schedule doesn’t seem to be working.

So, I’ve been sketching lots of things. Most of them, I just clear the canvas after I’m done and move on, as they’re really rough and bleh. Som i save them and some other I just have the urge to color them and ugh… >_<

So here you have a little sketch/picture dump of the messes I produce when I try to turn my blurred and undefined mental images into actual visible things.

Vinca experiment~

And the fixed/colored version.

Felt the urge to draw a caster/healer/something girl to be a RPG main character, and then turned her into a… knight of sorts and an.. uh, archer. It’s so messy I shouldn’t have posted it here, but meh… >>;

Same girl, chibi version.


Some random Ishteran Dragon guy made into a comic panel for the sake of it. It seems he just fell off a tree or something xD;
His nose didn’t want to collaborate, so it ended up being just a painted shadow >>;

Same Dragon with a Child of the Sun (my boyfriend hates that name, haha). Sketched the two of them a lot yesterday, but didn’t save any ^^;

And a couple of quick sketches featuring Therepyos, because I’ve been in a Dragon mood >>;
I should draw Liph and Nima in Elemental form sometime, I never do D:

On other random news, I’ve been diversifying my tastes and instead of just reading manga, I started reading  a superhero comic as well.
It was HARD to look at some of the issues because of the roughness of the lines and features of some artists, used to the thinner and more ‘soft’ and ‘flowy’ lines ont he manga titles I read, but some other artists leave me wishing I was 1/10 the artist they are.
By now I’m already used to the style that the big breasts on those ridiculously sexy-fied women don’t even bother me anymore! xD And I’m having lots of fun reading each issue and wondering what the hell will happen next! X3


… yeah, I know I should be working on Caramel stuff… >_< *goes to read comics*

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