Glasses guy

Obligatory random sketch for a guy with glasses that wears a shirt ~Cx

I finished Ryan’s ending CGs this morning, and I sketched some extra stuff for him just in case I have time to get them done later :P (nothing related to this sketch, before anybody asks 9_9 )
I also sketched Jacob’s ending images today, and I’ll work on them tomorrow. His ending is so adorable~ 
For Steve and Trent, I made the list of the possible images I’ll need and I’ll sketch them later this week ^^

It’s kind of hard to go back to draw faces and color things like I did when I was working on Winter in Fairbrook by the middle of 2010! I naturally try to go painterly now, lol, so I have to fight my impulses xD;

On another note, we started using Trac for Flight of Twilight some time ago, and today I first started using it myself as I was working on stuff. It’s really useful *-*

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