Minor goals (or little steps to improve)

When there’s something you don’t like, you have to figure out what it is and do something about it, right? There are several things I dislike about my artistic process and I feel I’m still not quite there yet and that I still need to improve and yadda yadda… But how? What to do exactly? I thought I’d make a list (I love making lists <3) of the things I could do, little by little, to change things. So they became my list of minor goals for this year C:

  • Make cleaner sketches.
    It frustrates me how messy my sketchwork is. Boyfriend says “As long as the final product is good, it shouldn’t matter”, but It really REALLY frustrates me! I’m so jealous of people that do clean sketches that they can even print sketchbooks with their pretty doodles… Mine are like noodle soup; full of messy lines everywhere that you can barely figure out what goes where. Also, it’s a pain to try to ink on top of them, so I end up re-sketching things 2, 3 and even 4 times before I can safely ink something! I want to change that >O

  • Stop disliking to ink.
    Everybody knows I hate inking. I procrastinate the most when I have to ink stuff, and that slows my turnaround a lot D: My inability to sketch clean makes it really had for me to ink stuff, since I find it hard to lay just one line, and I end up laying three, and end up having to erase stuff so it looks like one… ugh. So yeah, I need to ink faster, better and stop disliking it! Focus >O! “I love inking! <3″ *repeats like a mantra*

  • If all fails, find a way around it.
    Plan B: if I just can’t make cleaner lines, I’ll just stop struggling and find a way around it; either by producing sketches clean enough to paint on top of them, or play linework down with good coloring, or just find a way to do lineless stuff that doens’t take me forever.

  • Ask for more feedback.
    I’m lazy and proud, so I normally don’ t go about asking for feedback, especially when I know something is off and I know I’ll be told that it’s off and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’m scared of going to critique-intensive places because I’m insecure as hell D: However, critique and feedback are good things, so I shouldn’t be scared of them, and I should be strong and resolute enough to be able to defend my stylistic choices if they get judged.

  • Make more studies.
    I always say I’ll do this, but I rarely do it. I need to draw more things from observation as regular practice and not only look for the references when I’m stuck.  I need to study clothes, light, backgrounds, objects, leaves, flowers, animals, fantastic creatures… On a regular basis!

  • Use different backgrounds.
    I said it last time and I’ll say it again: I should stop making ‘easy’ backgrounds such as skies and trees and actually draw some other stuff in there! Not every story happens in a forest, people live in houses, go shopping, travel around towns and cities, visit interesting buildings…

  • Draw more scenes.
    Not just characters standing there in different angles, but characters doing things, interacting, at different distances form the camera, etc, etc. I’ve been trying to add more variety to the angles I draw characters, but my drawings are still super boring D:
  • Look at and collect more art.
    The more exposed to artistic sources you are, you have less chances to become a flat-out copycat (unless you’re actively trying to), because you get to be influenced by a lot of things instead of one or two. I need to find new artists to look at and new artbooks and manga to buy to expand my library,  so I can stop referencing the same 2-3 artists all the time Dx

  • Find a definite style.
    After deciding I’d try to draw in many different styles to suit whatever project I worked on, I found myself being a style orphan, referencing artists even more than before and not knowing anymore what it made my drawings mine. I want to find a definite way of drawing/coloring things, so no matter who looks at it, people can recognize it’s mine and nobody else’s, like when you look At Noizi Ito’s stuff, or Suzuhira Hiro’s or Tony Taka’s and you *know* it’s them without anybody telling you. I’m confident this year I’ll start getting there!

So.. yeah. Let’s see how that goes :P

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