Today, it may be a great day… and Tomorrow too! =D

A friend of mine said I sound a lot more possitive this year.

For some reason, I started this year very optimistic, looking at the bright side of things.
Of course things could be better, way better~ But they’re not xD So, for now, instead of just being bleh about it, I try to do something about it to make things better and be thankful for the things I do have that sometimes I overlook because I’m way too used to them ^^;

Speaking of things that could be better, thanks a lot for the support with the robbery thing. Really, it means a lot to me.
I feel in debt now! So I’ll do my best to be able to draw more, draw better, draw prettier, so I can thank you all for everything! I feel more encouraged now to try my best this year, no matter what happens ^^ I promise I’ll do my best to not let you all down!

I hope this feeling doens’t go away, it’s really nice to feel like this instead of all bleh, lol.

Regarding the drawing, I know her arm/hand looks weird, I need to fix it >>;
And I should stop drawing Ishteran forests and actually draw a city, or a town or something instead of just trees and skies “Orz

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