Back from week out~

Back from week out~

Since my boyfriend’s family took a trip to Argentina while he stayed at home attending college like a good boy, I moved there for a week.

This is a summary of the week. No pictures ^^;

Last Friday, I packed a suitcase with clothes and personal items, grabbed one of my screens, my intuos, my sketchbook and my netbook and my bf’s father came to pick me up in his car, so I wouldn’t have to pay for a 40 min cab ride >>;

The initial idea was to keep on the diet I was on for the time I was there, go bicycle riding (bought a couple of  bike locks for that) and work on my non-watercolor pendings and unfinished images; also, I wanted to work on Caramel Mokaccino’s script.

The diet part went pretty well… except for the fact we spent about 3/4 more than we originally thought we’d spend on food Dx Dieting with just meat, vegetables and cheese ended up being more expensive than I imagined!  The first day we went to the supermarket and spent more already than we anticipated, and then we had to go again to buy more a few days later.  I’m used to mom always leaving a lot of money for food every day in a jar, or she just comes home with bags full of stuff whe bought on the supermarket on her way home, so having a restrained budget was something new for me xD
It was fun to plan what to eat (and screw up some things too), try to figure out what to do with what we had without having to go buy more things, and even go through the panic of seeing ehat we could buy that wasn’t too expensive when we ran out of ideas and protein-filled items on the fridge xD
yesterday, once my bf’s family was back home, we gave up as they bought pizza and sushi >>; And then we just succumbed to temptation by going to buy a chocolate muffin and some pastries in the afternoon because we were craving for sugar xD

The bicycle riding was a frustration D: They keep the bycicles on a storage room in the basement of the apt. building, and it’s full of other stuff, including some floor boards and curtains and stuff my bf’s mom works with. Thing is, one of my bf’s sisters went on a ride last time with her bf and got a punctured tire D: So we were left with one of ths kids smaller bikes and one of the bigger ones. Problem was that they stored the bikes wrong and they fell on top of some floor boards and idk what else that fell in front of the door an now it wont open moer than 2 inches =_=;  We tried sticking a brrom to try to move things out of the door’s way, but it’s impossible, and the hinges are screwed on the inside, so it’s impossible to take the door off.  So yeah, we won’t be able to ride the bycicles for a while D: (my boyfriend was extremely pissed off).

Working on images didn’t go well either. I got really frustrated trying to put together all my stuff somewhere in the apt. on Friday morning  while my bf was in class, and only managed to get things working by Saturday morning, since on Friday afternoon I had to get my new glasses made (they’ll have it ready this evening!). Then it ended up being an eventful week D: Friends visiting with their computer on Saturday and staying over until Sunday afternoon, evening meeting on Monday for WoW: Cataclysm release night event until 3am, then my bf staying home on Tuesday so we could play together all day (we rarely do >>; ), and then more playing on Wednesday as it was a holiday and we teamed up with all our friends who were also playing and then tidying the apt up (and un-setting my screen and tablet and all the workspace we put together on the livingroom) so my bf’s mom wouldn’t frown for anything not cleaned or not right on the place she left it when they left… So yeah, I think I CGed for like… 4 hours the whole week if anything  x_x;
Time with friends went – in general – very well C: We had lots of fun together and a couple of friends even went and ridiculed themselves in public to get a Murloc plushies at the Cata event xD; We met with some old good friends there too! <3 We had lots of fun playing a party of newly made Worgens (they’re cool, so we couldn’t resist to betray our horde-only policy to make them xD ) and me and my bf were really happy questing and leveling up our mains together X3

Caramel Mokaccino went better, though, since writing only requires my netbook and a nice spot to sit, so whenever I was tired of playing, or had some dead time after lunch when I wanted to just go to the bedroom and enjoy the afternoon sun (where the internet wifi didn’t reach =_=) or something, I’d try to write or to plan things up. It was nice C: I couldn’t meet with my friend Lira to plan things further, though, since she started working on a bookstore at a mall just before I went to visit my Bf, so no free time for her to meet with me :C

So now I’m back home~ And I have to resume work, but I just want to enjoy my home after being away!! It was really nice to live with my boyfriend for a week at his family’s place, and we were *very* sad it had to end ;  but I also missed my home, with my double bed, my pets, my natural-lit bathroom, the green backyard where I go enjoy the sun and the kitchen where I know exactly what and where things are xD; 
I have to go out again tomorrow noon for a meeting with my ex-classmates from college and a friend of us got paid a big check last week and wants to spend his money inviting us all to dinner, and on Sunday, my bf’s mom celebrates her birthday… X_x I just want to enjoy my home!
I’m seriously considering taking today off. I still have to take my dog to the vet today, though Dx

So… yeah, I’m back home. It’s a bittersweet thing, but life goes on ^^

Lol, I also think this pretty much counts as my Summer vacation xD; (maybe I’ll take another week on January or February, lol)

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