Dec 1st sketch dump

It’s December already! The month I was going to devote to myself originally… right XD;

Here it comes some sketches I’ve made recently,. others I have had lying around for a while and haven’t posted, and some twitpic reposts.

Twitpic repost: Keeping up with the style tests.
#1 is huge-eyes-influenced-by-Noizi-Itou style
#2 is I-love-mel-kishida-and-kkuem style
#3 is… I don’t know what this is, but i can draw like this too, lol.
#4 Jinsei-Kataoka-whoi-was-influenced-in-turn-by-kenishi-yoshida style
#5 butchering-of-soejima style 
#6 cute-easy-and-fun style XP

(if you’re curious, Kansei will use a mix between #3 and #5)

Twitpic repost: Sylvanas Windrunner. I love her <3
I may finish this one day; my friends want me to make it decently and submit it to Blizzard so I can get on the fanart gallery so they can brag about it xD;

Unfinished (man, I didn’t even finish cleaning  it >> ) sketch of Momo Parfait, or Parfait-tan, the mascot of Mystery Parfait.

A Miku I sketched on my netbook a few days ago.

Rough sketch of jogging Clara, from The Flower Shop.

Alicia <3 Something I did on netbook, but painting there is so difficult, I just left it like that D:

I made this one for the post where I said I got a netbook. Cookies if you can tell what’s on the screen xD

This was going to be my Spring deviantART ID to replace the autumn one in September. never got around to finish it D:

Twitpic repost: Annie (Anaìs) from Caramel Mokaccino. I referenced her outfit from a wholesale korean clothes online shop; they have really cute clothes on those places  *-*

Twitpic repost: Nico and Penny from Caramel Mokaccino again. Nico doesn’t look like he’s 14 anymore, and that’s a good thing, lol. Clothes were mostly referenced as well.

Twitpic repost (though I didn’t tweet this one :P): younger Ian and Barbara from Caramel Mokaccino, probably during first year of college.


*goes back to work*

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