Moving forward~ (life update)

Ishtera sketch done in SAI, on my new netbook C: No more images on the post, though, sorry ^^;;

I haven’t posted for a while Dx (though I’ve scrapped a few attempts at posts that were just too… long and rant-y xD)
If you follow me on twitter (or if you check my twitter account at all), you probably know what’s been of me lately, but I’ll do a summary here anyway C:

I feel awfully behind when it comes to drawing skills, so I’ve been sketching and practicing gesture drawings (yay posemaniacs!) and anatomy practically every day, so I can stop feeling crappy every single time I come across younger talented individuals and stop feeling so insecure about whatever I do.

On the same line, and also because I have this lingering feeling I studied the wrong thing and that I should have kept drawing as a  hobby, I thought about furthering up my studies – to make it easier to find a job here later and stop working from home once and for all, since it’s driving me mad – and I found this course program aimed at professional/working artists that is basically an introduction to videogame-making (not as in programming, but as in designing characters, making art for in-game use, 3D modeling, managing a production team, etc). I went to a speech/presentation and got hooked :P It’s two evenings per week and a year long, so it wouldn’t interfere with my work at all – though I’d have to stay at my boyfriend’s home those two days a week, since I’m wary of commuting home from over there to my house at 10:30PM >>; It’s a bit expensive, but mom offered to help me pay for it.
Now I’m scared my skills won’t be good enough to actually get into the program ^^;

I got myself a netbook that runs SAI and World of Warcraft, so I get to sketch on it (my tablet that t is bigger than my nb XD ) after work and play online with my boyfriend almost every night C: Also nice to check on online stuff and video-chat with my boyfriend when I’m on my bedroom, the sunny backyard, the livingroom while mom is home… really nice <3 Got a nice bag for it the other day too :P
The good:

  • All of the above
  • I can actually ‘get out’ from my ‘workplace’ (my studio room) when I’m done with work and ‘go home’ (the rest of the house xD), so it doens’t feel like I’m at my workplace all day.
  • Also good when I go to visit my boyfriend’s and he plays on his computer, and when we go see other friends where everybody either brought their own computer and/or are playing console fighting games I’m not interested in at all~

The bad:

  • Battery life of this things sucks, so I need to carry the plug everywhere…  and it weights as much as the nb, so it’s annoying when I go out =__=; –  though at least is still not as heavy as a notebook. I’m thinking about getting a spare one to leave at my bf’s place, just so I don’thave to carry it in my bag.
  • While I can use my intuos4 and Sai, the screen is not good enough for me to color properly, so can only sketch and ink in it =/Sure, i still have my main PC; but…
  • I’ve become allergic to enter the studio room during my free time after work or on weekends, because to me, my studio is now like the office I work at, and it doens’t feel nice to have to go to the office after you ‘got home’ after work, or during the weekend… So no personal CGs or side-project CGs for now from me until I solve this ridiculous  issue >>;

Project-wise, I’m so behind it’s not funny >>; Though you probably already guessed as much, it’s kind of normal, haha. I’ve been working on The Parasol Festival for way longer than I anticipated! But I’m finally very close to get it done! I anticipate I’ll have it done by next week, if I keep this pace C: I’ll make a dedicated post about it later ^^.
All the stuff I hoped I’d make in November, will be moved to December, and January will be my reserved month (and the momth to get some decent portfolio pieces done and start looking seriously for a job outside home!)

And, since I got the nb, I’ve picked up trying to write again… so I’m using Caramel Mokaccino as my guinea pig for now xD; Since it’s a multi-ending/multi-route story and I’m all inexperienced at writing, I decided to start with only one character story/route (my last fav character, actually, lol) , like a linear story, and then build the rest from there. I’m still at planning stage, though, because even if this thing has been planned already for ages, I found there were a lot of holes here and there, and there where things were supposed to happen at some point and I didn’t even know what really happened or how! It was all super vague, lol xD I want to make sure I know everything important that happens before I start writing!
So yeah, I’m in the middle of that.

Oh, and I noticed – acording to the recent poll – most of my blog lurkers would like me to work on Ishtera xD Sadly, I need to move my boyfriend’s butt as well to do that, so… yeah (that’s why it’s been hiatused for so long). I’m starting to accept the idea it’s a lost cause already xD
I’ll give it a try, though :P

On random life notes, It was my mom’s 60th birthday some time ago and I took us to a spa (so nice <3), I’m on a diet and I think I lost 1kg already – even when I broke the diet twice, with popocorn, chips and a chocolate cake… -, I got my first credit card (my alloted spending amount is USD$400, lol) and  my glasses frame broke (it’s holding together with MASKING TAPE  ”Orz), so I’m appointing a visit to the ophtalmologist soon. And next week, once I’m done with TPF, I’ll stay at my boyfriend’s for a week and work from there on my pendings C:

Now I’ll go back to work, I’ve been writing for an hour and I have an Event Illustration to finish this morning for The Parasol Festival!

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