Reason for drawing (rant)

Reason for drawing (rant)

Sometime ago, going back in time thinking when and why I started drawing, I think I discovered what lies behind them. I talked to somebody about this and she gave me a word: “Emotionality“.

Drawings and figurative imagery in general trigger feelings in me more than any other mean of expression. They sting in my chest in one way or another when I look at them, and I think that’s wonderful!
There was somebody, somewhere, that made that piece (or painted, or sculpted, etc) and they put a certain emotion (willingly or not) on it and then it was transmitted to me.

Eventually, I wondered if I could do that myself.
“I want to do something scary”, “I want to do something beautiful“, “I want to draw a character that looks very happy“.
I wanted to see if I could reproduce the emotion in what I did, if I could feel what I intended just by looking at it.
And I went and showed it around, for praise, but also to hear “oh, this is scary!”, “this is beautiful”, “this looks like a very happy character”.
I actually remember doing that since I was, what… 3 years old?

The artists I look up to, are the ones that give *me* the strongest emotions (normally happy ones, though :P ) when looking at what they do. Sometimes is the style, sometimes is the colors, sometimes is how they do things. Sometimes a piece by an artist in development ‘hits’ me more than a piece made by one with amazing rendering skills, and I look at their work and think “Will I ever be able to do this? To look at something *I* did and feel the way this artist is making me feel? To make other people feel like that?”.

Unlike others, this never shifted into something else; a different discipline, a different motivation, a more intellectual, philosophical, pragmatic or utilitarian approach, into a creative impulse to do things nobody has done before. It always kept being the same. Draw things, figurative things (normally characters), that’d make me (and hopefully others) feel a certain something.

Sometimes people come to me and question me about my drawings, my style and my motifs.
They say there’s nothing new in my artistic proposal, there’s no concept (or not new concept) behind what I do; they say I should draw this or that, or stop drawing this or that, or draw this or this other way instead.
And it annoys me to no end, to be honest.
I try to explain to them (and reword my answers many times so it doesn’t sound like an excuse because I always think the other party will see it as an excuse) that I draw what I like because I like to
It’s simple, yet sometimes people don’t get it. Maybe they expect something deeper, something more complex, but no, there’s nothing like that in there.
And they won’t acknowledge me because my reasons, my motivations, my means are too simple and that won’t satisfy them.

I want to improve, of course, because I want to be able to transmit all those feelings to the people out there in the best possible way, so the experience won’t be spoiled because of the flaws on my technique.
I want to evolve naturally to whatever way of portraying things would suit me and my objectives the best.

But I still want to be me and I still want to enjoy drawing the things I like C:

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