Sept 8th – Vocaloids

I… have no excuses >>;

If you follow me on twitter (and actually click on the pictures I upload), you probably saw half of them already.

Regarding yesterday’s Kaito drawing xD

Magnet – white version-
One day I’ll work on all those sketches for the MirrorxMirror fanbook >>…
It looks very pretty
next to the Black version I already sketched a few months ago C:

Ugly rough sketch of  younger Kaito and Miku.
This is pretty much  how everything I draw digitally starts looking like, before I attempt to define what the heck is each lump of ugly lines (on a new layer).

More random sketch ideas for the fanbook.
I tried doing something with an actual background.

Bonus! My friend’s UTAUloid Celestine Aoi.
She wanted a cover for the video of her version of Bad Apple C:

And because of the apple…. Romeo and Cinderella picture :P

And that is what happens in days like this.
Now I should go to bed, it’s 1 am already and I should get many things done tomorrow!

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