Resistance is futile (picture dump)

So… I’ve been bipolar for the past few days, going between being depressed and being excited. Saying I’ve been 0% productive would be kind of obvious >>;

So I’ve been experimenting on and off for the past couple of days.

Here the fruits of it, hope you like C:

For Samu-kun C:

Don’t ask, I don’t even know myself >>;… She’s Maddi and belongs to Lyra. (sorry, dear, for using her as guinea pig ;_; )

“Cleaned” version of this one.
Also did it bigger in case I want to finish it and print it one day. (I seriosuly should do that more often >> )

And for the last thing, I’m redoing this image from 4 years ago, just not traditionally.
Here, have some progress images! (click for larger version)

And that’s what I have so far :P
It’s taking forever and a day , but I haven’t had so much fun on a picture in such a long time it’s been incredibly refreshing!
And I’m working bigger that usual (2900×2900), so I actually get to devote a lot of love to each part of the image C:

I won’t be touching this until next weekend, though, I’m so behind with everything it’s not funny D:

Now I’ll go redrawn some sprites I should have done several weeks ago >>;


…Oh, here, have a bonus sketch :P

*runs away to draw*

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