I don’t want to be Noizi Ito anymore

I don't want to be Noizi Ito anymore

After taking a good look at my Influence Map and comparing it to the influence map of artists I look up to, I decided it’s about time to shift my focus and change my objective, so I can walk with a more steady pace towards the kind of artist I want to be.

I always end up turning to the easy and cute “girls just standing there”, because… well, it’s easy and cute xD. Sometimes I drift into other things briefly, but quickly return to what’s cute and easy for me. Well, I don’t want that anymore. I want something more! (sure, you can argue I haven’t even mastered simple and cute yet, but  meh…)

This shift started consciously with this post “Work or Die, and getting the ambition back” . I went and started asking for help and critique of people and I went and looked for books I could get that could help me improve my drawing skills. I got so far a perspective book, a book on drawing hands and an anatomy for artist book (I also have this, this and this, oh and this, from previous urges to get helpful books). I’m still waiting for  the book on fantasy illustration, I hope it arrives soon D:

Then I started looking for artbooks I wanted to own for reference and inspiration to expand my minimal collection (consisting only of  Noizi Ito and  CLAMP D: I need to snatch Suppi’s SkyDoll, he just has it sitting there in its protective bag since he got it >>). And I realized I didn’t want the typical “cute girls standing there in cute poses” artbook I used to look at in… So I went and got Shigenori Soejima’s last artbook C: (I preoredered and now it’s backordered, arg!).

I decided I also wangted to get artbooks that, while still anime-ish, would have some pictorical value, not just characters done in cell-shading or soft cellshading against a minimal background, you know. Sadly, I’m already out of budget, but I already took a look at some interesting books that I’d like to get (I’d like to have this one too, but it’s rather expensive and it’s mostly out of fangirlism xD ). Also, I spent all evening yesterday with Suppi browsing korean artists websites and blogs and gushing over their art and bookmarking the ones I liked for future reference xD

Now I have the urge to draw a nd experiment and…. But I have other(many!) things too take care of, so… that’ll have to wait. I have to work hard now so I can finish all that I have to do and get to do the things I want to do! C:

Well, I hope this time my focus shift will last longer and actually influence my art and not go back so soon to the flat characters just standing there I always end up doing, lol.

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