Some rough sketches

Suppi has been bugging me to do this for a while, so today I doodled them, for the sake of having a visual reference to fuel out creativity :P
(Also today I was absolutely out of focus and couldn’t do anything besides doodling after lunch ;_; Only got some work done in the morning “Orz)

I think for the first time I’ve drawn fantasy-ish characters that Suppi approves of  ;o;

Main hero and heroine! They’re NOT a couple and won’t be a couple by the end of the story.
Actually Suppi explicitly warned me against doing that, so…  not a couple.


And the rest of the party members :P The shirtless guy hates his poor excuse of an outfit, so I may change it later >>;
Oh, look… they have weird ears… :P

And the bonus guy that’s not really part of the main cast but it’s here because I like him. His pose is awkward, so I’ll have to fix it later D: 
He may or may not be heroine’s love interest! Ok, maybe not…

Aaaand that’s for the “main” cast. Hopefully, Suppi and I will be good kids this time and actually make a decent story with side characters and bad guys.  So those will come later… after we figure them out >>;

Now I need to learn how to properly draw dragons @___@.

PS: Oh, right! I added a “like” thingie to the blog posts now. So if you like the post and you’re lazy to leave a comment (or not!), you may click the “+” next to the heart up there :P

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