I’m still learning how to manage things on my own here, and sometimes it’s good to write things out!

  1. Lesson #1 : DON’T commit to more projects than you can handle.
    The maths about week hours don’t reflect reality. I always end up working more than I had expected and screaming for ‘me’ time when I turn off the computer by midnight every day and I’m worrying about projects during the time I’m supposed to be relaxing during weekends, when all my maths said I’d have plenty of free time.
  2. Lesson #2: Dedicate some time to do personal stuff each week, preferably away from your workplace.
    I work from home, and I only own one computer. And that is a terrible thing, because the only break between work and personal stuff is opening a different file on SAI or Photoshop. Or opening the web browser. 
    I’m considering buying a netbook or a cheap laptop just so I can go to my room and do stuff there without caring about work after I’m done with it for the day, like it would happen on any regular office-based job. I’m also considering just doing more traditional pieces, to get disconnected from the computer.
  3. Lesson #3: Give some breathing room on your schedule for every task.
    Some thing I learned recently: sometimes I think I’ll spend 4 hours on something and I end up spending 5-6 (I’m counting pure work, not procrastination, btw)., so all my previous planning goes to hell and I have to reschedule everything and… ugh. Breathing room not only for the entire project, but for each task is a GOOD THING.
  4. Lesson #4: Know when to take a break.
    Like a friend of mine just said to me: take things slowly and listen to yourself, most of the time you’re right. If you need a break to release stress or to work on something else for a while, it may be a good idea to do so. A short-term project done while in a break of a big one could be rewarding and refreshing!

So… yeah.

I had a forced break last week where the only thing I wanted to do was to work on the computer, and now when I actually can do so, I have my file opened right on the other screen and I can’t get myself to work on it D:
Maybe I should grab another image and work on it from scratch to gather momentum instead of being stuck with this one >>;

I’m still coughing btw, it’s annoying >_<  Stupid cold and cigarette-smoke-filled house that won’t let me get better =_____=
I’ll go get some medicine and rest for a while. I’m being 1000% unproductive today ._.

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