Time for myself (wip and little rant)

It’s been a while since I drew something just for myself.
May 15th was my very last daily sketch and May 5th the last artwork I posted on dA.  
My sketchbook’s last pages are filled with tiny messy doodles of The Flower Shop characters… Oh, right, and an Ishtera character that belongs to Suppi that I redrew in my style last week and that he hated “Orz

So today I took a small break after working on sprites all day and tried working on some of my MirrorxMirror stuff a bit, since I’m listening to vocaloid music anyway and I haven’done anything Len/Rin for a while~ As usual, I didn’t get very far with it x’D

MxM was supposed to be my “I’ll do this when I’m procrastinating” project, but I haven’t even had time for that @_@
Well, I *Do* procrastinate a bit, but mostly by getting out of my workplace to play with my dog, read the newspaper or eat something  >>
I can’t say I have bee working every single hour of every single day, though ^^; I see my boyfriend twice a week and I’ve been renovating my rooms during weekends too xD

I’ve been able to maintain a somewhat decent schedule, though my day of work ends up pretty late because I start really late >> I need to work on that =__=;;
I’m tired at the end of the day, but I’m happy ^^ Probably I’ll be even more tired later, since there’s another project I’ll be working on soon… and that will eat up some of my scarce spare hours x’D
But hey, it’s worth trying!  More drawing = more practice = more improvement! And another finished project with my name on it ^___^
At worst, I’ll finish after the ideal release date, I’ll will be terribly worn out and will have to take a whole month of a break >>;
Hmmm break~~  Doesn’t sound that bad at all xD

Oh, well. Enough pointless rant for tonight, I’m tired and I need to sleep.

Oh! By the way… Jisei is out ;P

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