Dressing your character up – exercise

So, I went and doodled a regular plain girl with a regular tee and regular pants, and slowly worked on her to try to improve her.

Here it is what I did C: Maybe it will be helpful to you! (and maybe I totally screwed it, but oh well x’D )

My first step was to give her some accessories: hairpins, necklace, a belts thing, some bracelets and a ring (yes, that thing shoudl be a ring, lol)
Then I went and tried to make things more busy. I added a border to the neck and sleeves on the tee, added an undershirt, gave the tee a couple more wrinkles and drew some thingies on the pants.

Ctrl+U (Adjust Hue/Saturation) is my friend xD
I colored every item on a separate layer and just played around.
The first outfit is mainly warm-ish subdued colors with strong/bright warm accents and some cold accents to add it some variety C:
In the second outfit, i just toyed with the Hue of the shirt and thought green looked nice, since  (hue-wise) it’s between the yellow and light blue I was already using.
I had this idea of giving her a navy tee, so I made the outfit cold instead and changed the accessories around a bit to warm them up.

Now some texture/pattern/print play! 
I randomly googled the images for this example, they don’t belong to me! 
I must say I really like the floral print x3

So yeah, that was my experiment xD

Oh, I doodled another girl too and tested some colors, mostly:

The first and the last are my favourites ^^

Now I should stop getting distracted and go back to work >>;

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