Dressing your characters up

Dressing your characters up

My sense of fashion is very limited and I don’t tend to spend much money or time on clothing, so sometimes I hit and sometimes  (most of the time, really) I miss awfully x’D
It’s the same with my characters, sadly ^^;

The basic problem I have (and that I’ve found other people have too) is making clothes too plain.
In real life there are many people dressing plainly every day (like me “Orz), but there are certain individuals you look at and you think “oh, that person looks cool/pretty/trendy *_*” There’s something: a cool piece of clothing, an accessory, a color that catches your eye. We don’t really pay much attention to average plain people, really.

So, you want people looking at your characters go *_* when looking at them and not thinking they’re plain and boring ordinary people. Well, here you have some tips to help try to improve your character’s look C:  (or maybe your own?)

1. Give your character interesting hair
Crazy gravity-defying  hair and ahoges only work so much, and maybe unusual anime hair colors is not your thing either. Try gooling for some interesting hairdoes and hair colors; gradient, highlights and other dying effects can be really cool C:

2.  Layers, layers, layers
I’ve noticed this trend lately: use many layers of clothing! A long-sleeved shirt under a short sleeved dressing shirt. A turtleneck under a dress. An open hoodie on top of a polo shirt. A no sleeved sweater on top of a shirt. Jackets, coats! A short skirt or short dress  on top of leggins or very fit pants <3

3. Play with patterns/prints
Best way to give an article of clothing some attitude in an all-plain coordination. Try to avoid using too many patterns, though, since they could clash with each other D:


4. Put a logo or a print somewhere
The classical way to make a t-shirt interesting at all xD

5. Folds, wrinkles, seams and pockets
Specially nice when you have a clothing item that’s one colored and it takes a big area of the whole clothing; like a dressing shirt, a one colored dress, pants or jackets/coats.

6. Play with the trims/borders
A boring plain t-shirt could improve a bit by coloring the border of the neck and sleeves. A girl’s top could use a lace trimming here or there~

7. Accessories!
They’re used to make an outfit more interesting, more sophisticated and/or to add accents of colors here and there. Don’t abuse them!!
Let’s start with the head. A hat or a cap could be nice C: A hair tie, string or ribbon could be a nice touch to a ponytail, braid or pigtail. Try hairbands, hairpins and hair clamps for girls.
A character wearing glasses is also very cool, hehe. There are many different kind of glasses, depending on what you’re going for.
Jewelry! Earrings, piercings, necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets… Don’t forget watches C:
Scarves, kerchiefs, ties and belts are also a nice way to add a color accent to an outfit.
And please please don’t forget the shoes!  Also a good place to add a touch of color, they can be full of details and spice up a boring bottom half.

8. Use color wisely
Keeping the outfit with 2 or three colors + white/black works fine. If you have a colorful pattern, try making the accessories match one or more of the colors of that pattern. Use color theory, color swatches and references to guide yourself!

9. References are your friends.
Printed or online catalogs, fashion blogs, trend watcher websites, “what I wore today” blogs, or just somebody you saw on the street the other day are a good starting point if you are completely lost or if you just don’t trust your sense of fashion that much x’D 
Here some useful links to get you inspired. Try not to copy! You may get busted eventually xD



Good luck!

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