A half-assed doodling exercise~

Whenever I plan to draw something, I instantly imagine it (and usually also sketch it) in the most straightforward possible way. It’s simple, effective and…. boring.

So… what to do to make it less boring?

Sketch the same scene in different angles! Move the “camera” around and see if you find an angle you like better

Now you can take a look at my super quick half-assed exercise… just be sure to protect your eyes properly by having something pretty to look at in case your eyes start bleeding xD;

Anyway, I hope you get the idea x’D;
Remember to think in 3D and use boxes and vanishing points if you have troubles figuring out an angle.

Now I’m off to sleep. I feel really tired, even though I didn’t do much today Dx;
I’ll draw something tomorrow, sorry for not being able to draw something today =/

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