Daily Sketches – May 06

Ishtera themed!

I did this one the day before yesterday. Toying with off-center composition and trying to draw a scene of some kind… “Orz

Super rough group sketch. I absolutely fail at them D: (also the masks of the three masked characters are not even designed. FAIL! “Orz)
Got inspired by the artwork on Blue Spire C:

This was done today. Ended up being a color practice xD; Liph ended up looking way better than Alicia there D:
I was looking at some promo art of Koiiro Soramoyou (NSFW) and decided to give it a try x3


EDIT: oh, right. I forgot I was going to put this one here too >>;;

Done yesterday. Un-photoshoped version of the one posted at deviantART. So you see what it looked like before I decided I wanted to tweak the hell out of it xD;


God, my period is rendering me more emo and useless than usual ;_;…

I’ll go back to work now.

PS: Oh! Nyucu+ is reaching 20000 visits! yay! Thank you guys C:

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