Daily sketches – May 04

Early post, yay! I should stop posting before going to sleep >>;

Today it’s been rather a failure work-wise D: I hate to be so spaced out ;_; Probably having to do with weather change, being alone at home because the maid didn’t come today, and PMS >>;

So I ended up doing some sketchy stuff~


Me C: That’s my gym clothes…. stuff I bought at times I planned to go to the gym but never went “Orz.
I always draw myself being frustrated or bleh, about my life and dreams so I thought I’d draw myself more sweet and dreamy for a change? x’D  I need a more possitive attitude ^^;

Naviel and Therepyos , ready to go kick some monsters’ butts or something xD

Alicia and flowers xD Suppi demanded I finish this one (or any Ishtera picture, for that matter), but I’m lazy >>;
Oh, I haven’t drawn her with Biku for a while… I should…

Now back to work. On something else, since i just can’t concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing today =_=; I’ll retry tomorrow.

SUPPI COMES VISIT ME TOMORROW!!!! *dances* He was studying today ;_;

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