Valentine + presents + kagamine

First, I hope you all had a sweet Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re single, just spending time with your family, friends, or just pampering yourself it’s a good way to spend a day like that, hehe.
Me? I went to Suppi’s after lunch and he baked me a banana kuchen <3 We spent the afternoon cuddling and watching tv instead of walking at the park as he had planned~ It was really nice!

And I got to retrieve the presents I mentioned the other day! :D

Here they are~

Yay! *squeals*
The guys got me the Kagamine figmas! >o<!!! A cute Pokemon 3D puzzle (that Suppi and me put together in a really short time, lol ), a drawing of Vinca they comissioned to somebody <3 and some Sakura micron Sepia liners! Yay!

Now my Kagamine Collection looks like this~

Aren’t they cute? xD
I think I’ll buy the 1/8 figures next when I get some random spare money, lol. I’d get the GIFT nendoroid plushies, but thy’re too expensive for being plushies D:  roughly $200 for both, including shipping. Too much >_< (I still like them, though “Orz)
I’ll probably save for a Black★Rock Shooter figure next, though :P

Next week: new monitor, new clothes and probably a trip to the hair salon to get my hair colored, I hate my natural color =o= I’ll keep you posted! :D

*goes back to work*

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