Ripples – Kuu’s sprite, part 1

Ripples - Kuu's sprite, part 1

Yesterday, after procrastinating all day avoiding my internship report due this Tuesday that I also happen to be avoiding right now, I drew Kuu’s first sprite!

Since I only did her first sprite, this will be part 1. Part 2 will be when I have pose #2. There will be no Part 3 and 4, since you’ll pretty much get the point after part 2, but I’ll make you know once I have the 4 poses ^__^

So! After Ayu told me she wanted me to draw Kuu, I went and sketched her, remember?

After that, we decided she could have four poses: Normal-Happy, Surprised, Annoyed and Sad.
I decided that the pose of the sketch could do for normal pose, and quickly doodled the other poses.

Body language is  a natural part of the human being, so it helps having more than just one pose for the characters.  Of course that going overboard and make a lot of poses would be wonderful, but that would take an awful lot of time, so just having a minimum of basic poses is ok in this case. Again, it’s better than just one pose.

So here it comes the normal regular super boring part.

I picked the original sketch and inked it digitally in SAI.
Then I colored it.

The end xD

If she had have different arm positions, I’d have had to draw each arm position separately, like my Colette  sprite for Astre@.

(For the record, My Astre@ sprites only have one base pose and two arms positions)

But hey, she’s faceless! That’s ok, that’s ok. She’s supposed to be :3

I made a new Layer group/folder on top of my Body group/folder, and named it “Face”.
Inside this new folder, I inked the eyes, eyebrows and mouth in three different layers. I made a layer folder called “Eyes 1″, put the lineart of the eyes there and colored the eyes. Repeated the same thing for the mouth and eyebrows.

Now she has a face! Yay!

But what is this all for?

Well, I organized my layer folders again, so they ended up like this:

  • Face
    • Eyes
      • Eyes1
        • Lineart
        • Color
    • Mouth
      • Mouth1
    • Eyebrows
      • Up (aka raised)
  • Body

Ok, but what is that for again…?

Organization! You need to be organized >O! Also, I could make variations for each element and put them on its respective folder~~

In the end, my folders ended up like this:

They’ll allow me to generate many different expressions :D
This is actually the same principle behind this little flash application I made once:

(in case you can’t see it, it’s here: )

With this you can play and find the exact set of expressions you want for your character, or better, generate the exact expression you need for your character at any given line of your script! :D

Of course you can always be unique and draw unique full expressions for each character, but I find this method to be super fun to play with, to be honest xD Also you can always add a big number of extra variations just by adding a new element :3

Here you can see some face examples that Kuu’s sprite #1 could have~

Now, if you are curious and have…. almost 3 spare hours (lol) , the livestream session where I drew and painted Kuu’s sprite (except for the different face elements that I did this morning) is available on my livestream channel ^^ (Warning: I’m talking there, and half of the time I’m one PIP in there in my webcam as well. You were warned!)

Next weekend I hope I have part 2 ready to post :3

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