Projects progress report~

So! Here I am again 8D

I’ve been working on Flight of Twilight non stop this week, The first day was super quick and smooth, but the days after… ugh… I still have problems managing my time and I’ve found myself with no time whatsoever to do anything else D: Just because I procrastinate and waste time, so I end up working extra hours ^^;

Bad Deji, bad Deji >>;;;
We’ve also had some problems that weren’t as problematic when we just submitted advances once a week. I’m sure we’ll grow a lot from this and make our work from now on super awesome >D
(btw, I seriously envy Toi’s background making skills >o<!!! She’s so good ;_; “Orz I feel like a failure of a colorist next to her >>; )

Now! The Flower Shop is almost ready! Aren’t you excited :D??
I have to finish the Title/Menu screen this weekend and that should conclude my job~
I’ve been livestreaming it, so, if you follow me on twitter and you see the livestream link, you’ll probably see me working on it ^^.

And oh… there are some rumors about The Flower Shop going on… I wonder what they are about…
Oh look, a guy with a scarf!

And that’s pretty much… No, wait!

There’s the side projects as well >D

I had planed to work on Kuu’s sprite for Ripples this week, but, again, no time D:  I’ll try to work on the first pose this weekend.
I got to hear the new OST and I fell in love with it. I listened to it in repeat for a while, actually xDD;  No really, it’s a beautiful piece :3 I’m so excited about this project ;o;!!

Crimson Midnight has all the main cast sketched and ready for sprite production.
From left to right, Tristan, Chris and Nadine~
Nadine is the main character. She won’t have a full sprite but a bust shot sprite, like Steve on The Flower Shop :3 Still I was a good Deji and sketched her from head to toe, just in case >O
I’m currently in love with Tristan. He has a ponytail, a scarf and wears headphones all the time. I’m not in love with Chris (yet), but he’s so kind and cute~~ I love Nadine by default, lol. You’ll see why later xD

And you won’t believe this, but Astre@ will resume being worked on! Yay! (god, I love that image <3)
The super awesome and adorable Ayu (sake-bento) offered to write it from the original outline, and the original author approved :D 
That means it’ll take some time but it will finally see the light ^__^ And you’ll actually get to know what the hell happens xDD
The original author will be helping with characters and story from time to time as well.
This time it’ll be written in English first and later translated to Spanish, in case you’re interested :P (the first time was the other way around)

And that’s all… I think. I don’t think I’m working on anything else right now xD;… Not *right now* at least… *plots*

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