Mandatory New Years Post~~

Mandatory New Years Post~~

Happy New Year, guys!! :D

May all your wishes come true this year!
May you also become better, wiser, stronger, cooler and happier :P

I don’t have  a New Years picture this time sorry D: I was so busy with the exam thing and then I had a birthday party and then New Years, and I spent all that time with Suppi, so I didn’t have a spare time alone to do something nice to celebrate ^^;

This year is a mystery to me. I’m …. not excited, not really scared… I just don’t try to think about it much xD I need to find a job or to be known enough and able to manage my time efficiently enough to survive by freelancing. At least I have it covered for Jan/Feb, but after that, everything is uncertain. I’m not worried, though; I have the feeling things will go well in the end anyway :3

My goals for this year would be… hum…

  • Finally learn to manage my time effectively
  • Participate in projects and get things out there to start gaining a “name”.
  • Be able to work daily to keep a flow of income that’ll allow me to live on my own.

I’ve been updating my calendar with ALL the things I have to/want to do in January. I’m going to be pretty busy! But it’s a good thing, I’m happy ^___^

Hopefully, by the end of February there will be at least 3 VNs with my art in it (including The Flower Shop) ~~ Who knows, mybe I’ll get more commercial offers later on ^__^ That’d make me really happy and less worried about my financial future xD

In other random news to close this posy, my Nendoroid Len arrived :D!! And also Suppi’s Patapon keychains I got him for Christmas  arrived <3 He gave me one Yumipon (archer) and I love it <3
I’m currently waiting for my Flyable Heart artbook and my…. Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid set I got on an impulsive bid on e-bay, lol. They were so irresistibly cheap ;o;!!! I was sniped in the last 20 secs, but I managed to outbid the sniper and still got them for a low price >D
Now my Paypal is oficcially empty after getting paid for my work on The Flower Shop xDD; I’ll need to do some commissions, lol. When? No idea, I’ll have little spare time now! XD


Now, I’m sure you may want to know what happened with Astre@ and my exam thing~~ 
I gave a loooong presentation (the panel of teachers complained, lol) and I passed with a great mark! :D I didn’t ace it, though, lol, I’m not that awesome xD; 
The teachers were puzzled about this whole Visual Novel concept, but they said my work was very solid and that it was a robust project, and that I would be a good seller for my stuff, lol. They also said there were some “noises” in my project, like style mismatches in a couple of pieces, perspective problems here and there and missed some more characterization of the character sprites; they also would have liked me to work on on a more local setting/story and they don’t like exactly anime style, but overall they still liked it lots and congratulated me :D

This may be stupid, but I wish I aced it xD  You know, I worked for 2 years (the last one and a half year pretty much on and off) and I still didn’t manage to complete everything I wanted to do and fix every mistake… I wish I had asked the teachers what exactly they thought it was wrong and how could I fix it in the future, but that’s an exercise I’ll have to do on my own ^^; I’ll learn from this and do better things in the future :3

~After the exam, me, Suppi, my mom and my friend Samuel that went to watch me, we all went to have some ice cream because it was annoyingly hot outside D: !! 
Then I went to Suppi’s because it was his older bother’s birthday, so we went that night to his appt, and had pizza and cake x3 
We came home yesterday for New Year, since I didn’t want my mom to spend New years alone D: (though she said she didn’t care, but still >>). 
Now Suppi left and me and my mom are in “Lazy January 1st” mode xD


Now, I’ll leave you with some pictures taken with my crappy camera of my little Len and some other stuff XP~ (I seriously need a new one with macro function >>; I could have bought one with al the money I spent on ebay last month xDD;  )

Keep an eye on my twitter today, I’ll be Livestreaming a lot if my channel decides not to break again xD

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