Astre@ – sadfasdfasdfasd

Astre@ - sadfasdfasdfasd

I’m behind schedule.
I’m sick of working on 1 1/2 – 2 years old CGs and re-script a 2 years old demo that will never turn into a full game because the writer decided to dissapear.
I wish I finished this last year when I was supposed to instead of just dropping things because they wouldn’t give me an exam date anyway.

My exam is tomorrow.
I’m nervous as hell.
I’m still not done.


BTW My Astre@ project manuscript is a frikking tutorial, lol. I ended up changing many of the methods/techniques I said I’d use as I went along, but still… I’m impressed I wrote all that, so specific… lol. Too bad it’s in Spanish and I’m lazy to translate it all to post it here  xD; 
I promise I’ll make VN tutorials with the assets for the next VN project I’ll be working on :>
(I hope I’m able to finish the Promo Picture by this weekend… I’ve worked on and off on that image’s background for too long already >> *kicks her fail perfectionist self*   )

In happier news, I made myself a Google Calendar and put it on the Blog! :D
You can find it right between Resources and the Wishlist :>
There you’ll be able to see what I’m working on and what my plans are ~~

(I’m a terrible copycat, I saw it on an artist’s website and thought it was cool 8D *is shot*)

Now… I’m still waiting for my Patapon Keychains, my Len Nendoroid and my Flyable Hearts artbook (and some things some friends sent me for Christmas <3 ) to come in the mail and make me happy *rolls on the floor*

That’s it.
I should stop procrastinating now and return to save and optimize Astre@ assets and reprogram the demo~~

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