I’ve been very busy lately and I’ve had a hard time managing my time this year, things I hope will change next year! (not the busy part, I still need a job now that I’m out of college >>.)
Still, I’m currently keeping myself busy in my free time mostly with VN projects :3

So… what have I been doing?


My main and longest work is as Mystery Parfait’s Flight of Twilight character colorist.
I’m currently working on a huge Event CG with lots of variations that I still haven’t finished lying the flat colors on yet (our Assistant Artist laid down some flat colors, but I had to reorganize the bazillion layers to suit my working style and to lay down the actual character colors).
We’re finishing the first arc of the story (though I’m not sure how many CGs do we still need, probably a few) and we estimate to have a couple of years of work ahead of us to complete the other arcs.
Yes, it’s a huge project.
I’ll be working full time (40 hours/week) on January and February along with Toi (the Lead Artist) to speed things up ^___^

susana - flower shop

My secondary project I think it should be The Flower Shop.
I was commissioned to do the art exactly a year ago, and I finished the agreed art last week. That speaks really bad of me =__=;
Now I’m working on two minor sprites and will work on the Main Title screen and then it should be up to jack what else does he need for the release :3
I’m very excited, because the ending Event CGs I did last week ended up looking really pretty <3


Right now my time is completely taken by Astre@. Do you remember Astre@?
I started that two years ago as my diploma project. Then a series of things happened and it was just left there. Mainly because since I wasn’t over with all my classes, I had to wait until I was done to be given an examination date, which I was given a couple of weeks ago and confirmed yesterda :D
I pretty much haven’t touched the project since the last time I decided to  improve it this year… I don’t even remember when that was (I only retouched 3 CGs and then I dropped it >>; ).
Now I have to finish a couple of CGs, redraw some ugly ones, repaint one or two and make some adjustments. Then export them all and make a presentation for the examination.
Looking back at all the work I did for Astre@, I’m proud of myself, even if it’s been almost two years since I made those assets. I really devoted a lot of time to make them look good :3
Now when will the actual game be completed? Who knows. I gave up on it a long time ago D:
The writer just doesn’t give a damn about it, even if he bullet-pointed and defined the whole story two years ago. He has more interesting things to do, I guess *shrugs* I haven’t heard of him since… my birthday this year, in August.

Then all the rest are pretty much small side projects.

I’m working with sake-bento on three games right now: Plat du Jour, a little something else that will be revamped <3,  and, as a very very very side project, my VN idea I tried to write and failed xD;
I have a really good time planning stuff with her, it’s really fun and inspiring :3

Other than that, I’m working with MaiMai in two projects: I’m helping her with sprite coloring for Stained One and now, with chronoluminaire as our programmer, we joined the LSF 2010 VN collab with a short story.

Oh, and it seems Caramel Mokaccino will leave hiatused-land soon as well! :D I love that story, so I hope Lira can resume writing it <3

And that’s all.

Oh, right… I’m still “working” on Ishtera, and I have a comic scripted for Vinca.

Also, yesterday Suppi and our friends went to the Engineering faculty of  Universidad Catolica for a mini-event that one of our friends was participating into by showing the final project on his videogame developing course. it was pretty nice :3 And God, the videogame industry in our country is so small it’s sad ^^; We were prompted to try to do new things and expand the industry! Of course all of use were all fired-up xD Now let’s se if we can manage to complete something, lol.

And that’s all about me right now.

I should go work on Astre@ now… I’ve procrastinated for 2 hours this morning already >>;;;

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