Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Also known as ATCs, are small 3,5×2,5″ pieces of work meant to be traded with other artists.
ACEOs (Artists Cards, Editions and Originals) are pretty much the same thing, but they’re meant to be sold rather than traded.

I learnt about this yesterday and I thought it would be a cool idea to make some :D
I’ll make fanart ACEOs and some of my characters as well, but my ATCs will be mostly my OCs and that children-illust-book style I’ve been toying with :P.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and once I’m available for trading :D

For more information (and inspiration), I suggest you check the following websites:

Progress under the cut~

My current progress is still sketch phase :P

I’ll leave you with some sketches ^__^

I have a really small 8x15cm ( roughly 3×6″) sketchbook I use to take notes and sketch little things ^^
I used it to make small thumbnails of the cards I thought of.
Good thing about tiny sketching/thumbnailing is that you can move quickly from one idea to the next, in case you’re full of them :D
(I bet you probably can’t tell what is going on there, lol)


And the next are the first 3 cards I sketched. I used my normal legal-size sketchbook for this, to avoid ruining the final paper I’ll use for the cards. I made a couple of cardboard templates: one the size of the final cards and one frame/viewfinder (I’ll take pictures of those later)
You can see how dirty, full of smudges and messy my sketches are XD! I’ll use a lightbox to trace them into the final paper later :3


The Len/Rin cards are supposed to go together X3
I’ll use Opaline paper for them, so I’ll be coloring them with Polychromos and/or Copic markers :3
I’ll take pictures once i start working on them in the final paper :P



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