Dresses are IN this season~


I wanted to draw Vinca with a dress and big headphones <3

I went out with Suppi yesterday to buy clothes~
We went to a kind of hip place and everything was expensive ;_; (for me, at least… i’m used to buy tings like twice a year and spend as little as possible.. that’s why my wardrobe sucks 8D)
Light dresses with patterns seems to be fashionable this season :3 I got myself a plaid one… and a couple of bras (I got chubbier and my bust grew xD; ).
I couldn’t find the shoes I was looking for or a nice bag. Everything was either somehting I didn’t like or too expensive (for me) ;o;

And we went to have lunch to a fancy asian restaurant~ I didn’t like the food that much, though =/  Not because it was bad, because I’m that kinf of person who dislikes pretty much everything xD;  I should have just had some sushi instead of that pasta with shrimps…

So now my half-salary I got last week is reduced in half. Yay! xD I’m seriously going to start spending more money on clothes. The average amount spent in clothing by women in my country is between $60 and $100 a month. I spend that much every 7 months if not once a year, lol.

I never draw Vinca wearing dresses. She doens’t like them, because she thinks they’re too sweet, lo. She might make an exception on special occasions, though :3

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