IE problem fixed + WIP

IE problem fixed + WIP

Nyucu+ wasn’t working on IE 6 and 7. In 8 was working partially.
This was caused by a evil evil script that was self-inserting itself whenever I modified or saved my pages and posts.

It was caused by a Firefox Greasemokey plugin I had installed, which is now gone :3
I had to manually remove the script from every post and page where I saw it.
If you are using IE and you get the error message again, please let me know where, so I can fix it!

Now my WIP~~ You probably saw part of it already if you follow me on twitter ;)

It’s Ishtera and spring themed ^^ I’ll try ot work on it when I have time, otherwise I’ll keep working on it ond and off during lunch breaks at work xD;

BTW, expect some Vinca old stuff soon~

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