Heroes-of-Truth requested a tutorial on how to draw skirts… and me, being the procrastinator I am, went and googled skirt images and drew a lot of them!
It was actually a pretty good practice XP You should try it if you have the time (or be a lazy person and just copy my sketches, lol, but you won’t learn as much xD)
I might do the same for other garments later.

You can find the tutorial in the Resources page as usual. Direct link is below ^^

How to draw skirts~

In other news… tomorrow is my birthday and it seems it’s going to be raining. Yay =_=; I seriously don’t like my birthdays anymore, why can’t I get younger instead? xD;

Oh, btw, I was checking my blog stats and it seems most people come to my site via Lemmasoft Forums, followed by DeviantART and then.. Sakecchi’s blog! xD I also installed Google Analytics… it’s pretty cool XP It will be fun to see where my visitors come from and what do they see while being here, fufu~
Oh, and I just added a mail contact form, for the lazy people who doesn’t feel like using the Cbox or commenting or just opening an e-mail client to mail me xD;

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