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Portfolio (again)

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Portfolio (again)

I’m making a new one. The one I currently have has too many images and too many anime-style images… And I think that’s playing against me recently when I’ve been trying to get an internship/professional practice job here ._. Sad thing is that I don’t have many non-anime images, lol.  And they’re all pretty much […]

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Heroes-of-Truth requested a tutorial on how to draw skirts… and me, being the procrastinator I am, went and googled skirt images and drew a lot of them! It was actually a pretty good practice XP You should try it if you have the time (or be a lazy person and just copy my sketches, lol, […]

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FInally updated my Links page :3 I’ll add more links later, and probably will be nudging some people to do some link exchange or something XP If you happen to have an art blog/website and want to do banner/link exchange, please let me know :D!!! (btw, it seems my twitter updater is being stupid… it […]

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Thanks for 1111 hits!!!

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Have some Ishtera goodness to celebrate! As usual it was supposed to be a quick little something and I just got carried away… Evil, evil SAI! xD;; See?? Alicia got redesigned. She now looks less like a passive girl and more like a protagonist of an RPG, which is what she’s supposed to be, lol. […]

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Gallery is functional now!

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Spent the whole afternoon procrastinating doing that “Orz. It was fun (and scary too) to look at my old drawings as I decided which ones to upload. There are some pretty old ones there in the gallery now… 2003- 2004… *shivers*

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