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Better than ever.

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(I’m into Homestuck now, didn’t you know? I blame my friend Lyra for it…) So I’ve been panicking and freaking out over stuff lately. Problems here, issues there, stress stress stress. And I want to get out of here and have my own place and not have to work on the livingroom and yadda yadda […]

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It’s been a while since I drew the outfits I’ve been wearing. It was fun last time, so I thought I could do it again… just to draw something simple and fun, you know? Weather is still nice, but it’s getting slightly colder each day… I’ll miss the sun once it starts getting cloudy *loves […]

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Distracted (+ sketch dump)

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I’m easily distracted, everybody that knows me knows that >>; Lately, it’s becoming really annoying, so I’ll just go back to use the Emergent Task Timer, as my self-imposed schedule doesn’t seem to be working. So, I’ve been sketching lots of things. Most of them, I just clear the canvas after I’m done and move […]

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Chocolate heart

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Maybe I’ll share some chocolates with my boyfriend later, so I can say I actually did something other than spending time drawing this to celebrate this day, haha xD *goes back to work*

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Dec 1st sketch dump

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It’s December already! The month I was going to devote to myself originally… right XD; Here it comes some sketches I’ve made recently,. others I have had lying around for a while and haven’t posted, and some twitpic reposts. Twitpic repost: Keeping up with the style tests. #1 is huge-eyes-influenced-by-Noizi-Itou style #2 is I-love-mel-kishida-and-kkuem style […]

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