M. Beatriz Garcia
Freelance character artist and colorist

I'm a freelance illustrator (and sometimes teacher) from Chile.
I mostly work drawing and/or colouring characters for indie English Visual Novels and sometimes other games.
I'm a professional illustrator by title, and I also have a diploma on videogame design and management.

I work from my home in Santiago de Chile, and I have a long distance girlfriend in the northern hemisphere.

My interests besides drawing (when my budget and time can take it) are traveling, eating and visiting museums! I also have a weird love for spreadsheets, I enjoy coding and reading every now and then, and I also collect artbooks.

I love cute and sweet things, colorful things, animals and plants.
I'm adicted to chocolate and bread, and I enjoy cheese, fruits, wine and all sweet liquors in existance.

I aspire to create things that make other people happy, or even just smile :)

You may find me online most days on twitter, or reach me via email.
I'm currently not taking any commissions, sorry!